How to create folder for apps in your iPad?

If you’re using iPad, then it might be a difficult task to find a particular app by swiping the screens all the time. How about putting down the similar apps in different folders, so that it becomes easy for you to reach the apps in a single go instead of fumbling for the apps?

Here is how, you can organize the apps by creating folders.

  • Tap on an app icon and hold it until all the rest icons start wobbling.
  • Now, you can drag the particular app and put it over another app that you would like to include in the same folder. Usually, these are the similar kinds of apps.
  • Once this drag and drop activity happens, a folder will be automatically created by having two of these apps into it. The naming of the folder will also be done automatically, based on the kind of apps included in it.
  • You can rename this folder by tapping on the tile. This tap will let you rename the folder according to your choice.
  • To be done with creating the folder, you need to tap anywhere outside the folder. This is how you create a folder.
  • Also, you can drag other apps ad drop into the same folder.
  • To access the apps, you need to tap on the folder and you can see the apps.

Now, you see how simple it is. Go for it!

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