How to add Breadcrumbs in WooThemes Canvas With Categories

So You want to add  Breadcrumbs in your Canvas Theme Even with Category. I know there is no potion for that in-built in Canvas theme. with canvas theme you can only add Breadcrumbs like This…

Home > Your Article OR Post Title

Above i Define your Current Breadcrumbs that how they look like on your Website with Your WooTheme Canvas. But now I will Teach you How You can Create Custom Breadcrumbs For your Website so People can Easily Navigate Your website and also Search Engine Will Show your website results  With Custom Look instead only URL.

Home > Category > Your Article OR Post Title

Follow These Steps to to add Custom Breadcrumbs with Categories.

  1. First turn off OR Disable Your Current Breadcrumbs by going to Canvas >> General Settings >> Display Options and Unchecked the option named Display dynamic breadcrumbs on each page of your website.
  2. Now Go to Plugins >> Add New. in the Search bar type WordPress SEO by Yoast. install this Plugin and Activate it.
  3. After Activating the WordPress Plugins by Yoast. you will see a new menu called SEO in your Admin Section.
  4. Go to SEO >> Internal Links and fill your need that how you want to be appear your Breadcrumbs above Every post. mostly you need to define Separator between breadcrumbs: Anchor text for the Homepage: and Taxonomy to show in breadcrumbs for:
  5. After all Customization you must Tic the option 
  6. You are very Close to see your new Breadcrumbs. after saving this page you will see a Custom php code look like this
    <?php if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
    yoast_breadcrumb('<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>');
    } ?>
  7. Copy the Code and Go to Appearance >> Editor and from the side bar click on file named  Single.php. after file open in editor find the code

    <!– #main Starts –>
    <?php woo_main_before(); ?>
    <div id=”main”>

  8. After this Code you can paste your code which you got from WordPress Plugins by Yoast. 
  9. After Placing your Code Click on button named Update File.
  10. You are done, now you should see your new Breadcrumbs on every post. look like this .

Home > Category > Your Article OR Post Title

Tip:- You can also Use your WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin For More SEO uses like Meta titles, Meta Description even Diffrent for Every Post, Generate sitemaps and RSS…

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