Sony Announced Xperia ZR Experience filming underwater in Full HD

Xperia™ ZR

The new waterproof smartphone from Sony Powered by Android, comes with water resistant feature and they named this smartphone as Sony Xperia ZR.

The New Sony Xperia ZR is expected that to have an enhanced waterproofing capacity and can capture photos and full High Definition videos underwater with IP55/IP58 rating. The phone can be kept at a depth of 1.5 meters in water for up-to 30 minutes.

Sony Xperia ZR

Sony Xperia ZR

The smartphone that lets you live a little

Constantly on the lookout for new adventures? Then say hi to Xperia™ ZR, the super durable Android smartphone that loves a good time. And since it’s the only waterproof* phone that can film HD underwater, it’s always ready to make a splash and then capture all the fun in the sharpest visuals possible.


Sony Tested Xperia™ ZR to make sure it can keep going even after 30 minutes underwater, making it super-durable no matter what kind of adventures you’re subjecting it to. The high IP55 and IP58 rating means you can use it in the rain or take photos by the pool Wow!!.


Since Sony can’t take every Android smartphone outdoors, we bring the dust tests to our labs. Before we gave Xperia ZR the dust-resistant rating of IP5X, we hung it in a dust-test chamber and made sure its operation was unaffected.

Durable glass

The durable tempered glass screen is a lot stronger than conventional glass. And with an anti-shatter film on the front, Xperia ZR is anything but fragile.

A screen as impressive as HDTV – HD Reality Display

Feel like you’re there with the razor sharp and super bright HD screen. Xperia ZR Android smartphone brings you a high level HD – 720 p, for incredibly crisp pictures and no jagged edges. Expertise from our BRAVIA TV engineers goes into our mobile screens, to bring you the same quality you’d expect from a top quality HDTV. The 4.6” HD Reality Display also has high pixel density – 319 pixels per inch, for razor sharp pictures – and superior brightness. And with the wide colors gamut it gives you the widest colors spectrum, so you can view every detail in vivid colors.


HDR for photos and videos captures natural colors in any light. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an imaging technology used to capture clear photos against strong black-light  With HDR (High Dynamic Range) the camera captures the same image at different exposure levels and layers them to create one optimized photo. Sony Xperia ZR introduces HDR (High Dynamic Range) to video, so that you can film even in high contrast situations, like in front of a window or with the sun behind your subject.

One-touch connectivity from Sony

Sharing with friends and connecting with your world has never been easier. Based on NFC (near field communication), Sony’s One-touch functions connect one device to another in a single tap. No wires, no cables, or fiddling with settings necessary.

Lightning speed performance – Quad-core processor

Sony matched the latest Sony software with the powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor. This advanced quad core processor gives you maximum performance and speed without draining your battery – run multiple apps simultaneously, surf the web with no loading time, and stream videos without a break. The Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is asynchronous, which means each core is powered up and down independently. So you get the precise amount of power when you need it, without wasting power when you don’t.


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