Top smartphone and tablet puzzle games to fry your brain with!

Remember when you were a kid and struggled to complete your first 100-piece puzzle, just to feel that out-of-this-world level of satisfaction when you finally put the last piece in place? As sad as it may sound, some of today’s kids won’t know that feeling, because classical games are no longer popular, being taken over by digital ones. However, that doesn’t mean digital ones cannot be fun, and this article will prove just that, by giving you a presentation of the most addictive and entertaining puzzle games of the moment.


Puzzle games in the digital era

Puzzle games are not only the games where you have to put together an image using tiny pieces that connect together, but rather all games that can put your logical thinking, problem solving skills and imagination to work. Smartphone s and tablets do have an advantage over traditional games – they can put these skills to the test in more entertaining ways, as they can be a lot more colorful and, most importantly, interactive. So, let’s see the top games of the moment that can do that.

Air Control

This game doesn’t look like your average puzzle game, but don’t get fooled. The game puts you in the position of an air traffic controller, in charge of creating paths for planes so they can all land safely on the airport. What makes it awesome is that it has 3 or more landing paths, and each type of plane needs to land on a specific type of runway. Add the fact that each type of plane has a different speed, and that a lot of planes will appear simultaneously on the screen, and you will have to put all your creativity at work to create paths and patterns so that planes can find their ways to their runways safely, without crashing into one another.

Red Stone

This is as classic as it gets: you have a big space, with one exit, filled with stones of different sizes. The objective of the game is to rearrange the stones so you can get that one big red stone out of the room. Prepare to fry your brain trying to find ways to move those stones around, in the little space you have. It may be fun, but it may be annoying as well – it all depends on how good you get.


This game recently exploded in popularity like Parking Games 365, despite the fact that a similar game was already present on the market for quite some time – Threes. One thing that needs to be mentioned from the start is that this game is not for everyone. If you’re not good at math, or can’t remain calm, this is definitely not your game. So, what’s it all about? 2048 consists of a large square that is divided into 16 smaller squares. In those smaller squares, tiles with numbers with appear, one or two tiles at a time, and your role is to merge the tiles with identical numbers together, to obtain a tile with the sum of those numbers. The game uses the base 2 numbers, something that people that are familiar with computers will have no trouble working with. Basically, the tiles you will see are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and, the cherry on top, the mighty 2048 tile. The role of the game is to obtain the 2048 tile, but given the fact that you only have 16 tiles to move around, that won’t be as easy as you might think. However, take it from someone who won the game several times – the feeling you get when you see that 2048 on the board is simply beyond describing.

P.S. You can get even bigger tiles than 2048. Try it!

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