Top Tips on How to Choose Earphones

Buying Earphones is a cumbersome task because of the almost unlimited number of options available. We’ve categorized earphones and included helpful tips to help you overcome that.


Types of Earphones

Earphones are available in 3 categories, which are:

In-Ear Headphones/Ear Buds/Earphones

Being compact, these earphones are also the most economical way to enhance your experience of listening.

Over-Ear Headphones Circumaural headphones

Biggest of all, priciest of all and most comfortable ones, these earphones are considered the super-fine variants amongst all.

On-ear or Super-Aural Earphones

Light-weight alternative for the over-ear headphone products, these types of earphones do not close off your ears completely.

The Tips for Buying Earphones

It can be little difficult to choose a good option among a sea of products available. The selection also depends on the purpose, budget, and place. Here’s a quick guide, with all good tips to consider:


Earphones can be used for sports, running, listening music, Disc jockeying, recording voice or talking. As per your purpose, the type of earphone to buy will vary. If you are highly passionate about music and like putting headphones around your neck, go for over-ear or on-ear type. If you just need to talk and there is no special need to enhance the noise, in-ear will be enough to buy.


As budget is a constraint for many, it makes an important factor for decision-making about what to buy. For lowest budget and casual use, it is good to buy high-quality earphones from the in-ear category. If you are low on budget but do not want to compromise on the comfort level, on-ear headphones will serve your purpose. And, if there is no restriction on cost then you can purchase over-ear headphones without thinking twice. You can also check out the best earphones in India on Review Station, where they have listed the most affordable and the best ones on their site.

However, there are multiple options available in all of these categories. So, a few more things are there to consider before you make the final decision:

Sound Quality

Studio Quality, Noise cancelling headphones, open-backed, closed-back, wireless and gaming headphones are some variants you would love to know about. Check that how good the earphone is at isolating the sound and how good is it at presenting the noise mixing. Also, consider whether you would like to hear the precise and natural sound or the booming bass sound soothes you.

Fit and Comfort

Comfort is a key factor to look at when buying an earphone. Most of the earphones feel fine when worn for a short period. But it hurts or increases irritability in the earlobes when worn for long time durations. The weight of the earphone and cables, design of the earbuds and in case of headphones, design, style, and comfort of the headband should be checked before buying one. Also, earphone or headphone should fit your head/ear comfortably.


Most of the commercial earphones have sweetening effect over the real sound and thus seems good while using. For entertainment, it’s a good feature. However, if you are buying the headphone for sports training or pro music/voice recordings, the flat frequency would be preferable over the sweetened ones. Sweetening here means some preset tuning of Bass, Drums, and Acoustics.


Another important feature to look for in a headphone is, it should be portable, specifically, if the headphone is being used for sports, traveling and listening to music. Too heavy and bigger headphones/earphones can be difficult to carry. But portability is not an issue when doing studio work. Closed, heavier cushioned, noiseless options are used for professional work.


You obviously want if you are getting the worthy product, for the price being paid or not. So, check whether it looks a durable product or not. For that, the cable quality and earbud quality should be considered. You should check for the sturdiness of the cable. Handling delicate cables may be tricky. In any case, earphones should be kept in a case when not in use for longer use.

Input Options

Input Options should be looked at and decided while buying an earphone. Earphones with Pin, USB port or wireless Bluetooth are available in the market. Make sure that it’s compatible with your devices.

Brand Value

Brand value can give you a lot of insights about the product quality. So, that’s a smart thing to consider. You can also check out the online reputation, specification, and reviews about the product you are buying.

Customer Reviews

Always read the customer reviews available before buying an earphone. If reviews are good mostly, you can go for it. (Do not forget to judge whether these reviews are genuine or not.)

From long conversations to music, earphones are the hack to enhance the listening experience, but you’ll need the best earphones for that. With the above tips, you will probably find out the best product for yourselves. But if still confused – Just ask us through commenting, and we’ll revert to the earliest as we know how important it is.

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