How Employee Time Tracking boosts Productivity

Social Facade of Internet

Internet isn’t too old an invention. And that is why it is changing faces with every passing moment. However, the most prevalent facade of internet is its Social element. The human need to feel connected has made Social Media a reality. While there are too many beneficial aspects of Social media, there are several harmful ones as well.

Too many Distractions, too little Time

Today, there are literally hundreds of Social Media applications and internet tools. Too many of them means that there is something for everyone. Some people prefer image sharing and use Instagram more frequently, others prefer brevity and like to say it all in 160 characters — they use Twitter.

Too many choices make a man get entangled in the intricate net of never ending internet usage  options. This way, people get distracted a lot more than they care to admit. And this behaviour even extends into their professional lives. Surveys show that employees spend on the order of hours everyday while browsing the internet aimlessly or looking at Facebook posts!

When Employees lose track of Time, Employers lose money

People might not get care about wasted time, as it is often said that the time spent on activities that you enjoy is not ‘wasted’. But it is certainly a bad news for the employers.

Every minute that is spent on Social Media or a non-work related platform means that the employer is losing time as well as money, as some other competitor might be heading towards winning the sales pitch in that very moment.

So in the realms of the business world, every lost moment is a lost opportunity. And no employer wants to keep on losing healthy business opportunities.

Employee Time Tracking solved the problems

For the early years of Digitization, employees who used computers to get the office work done enjoyed a fair amount of freedom as there was hardly any concept of Time Tracking Software. Crude methods like filling up time sheets were used and they were often inaccurate and depended upon the honesty, loyalty and discretion of the employees.

But then, Time Tracking software made its way into the Corporate World. This revolutionized the way employees were monitored. This method of Employee Tracking allowed the use of timers and employees could log the time that was spent while working. With the passage of time, more sophisticated applications for Time Tracking came into being.

The latest addition in the family of Time Tracking Software is StaffTimerApp. What sets this application apart is the way it tracks time. It uses Screenshots that are captured during every minute. The Screenshots are then sorted using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. With the sorting and statistical analysis, reports containing information about billable and non-billable hours are generated. Even though it is a Time Tracking Software, it respects the privacy of the users. Unlike many other Time Tracking options out there, StaffTimerApp says no to Keystroke Logging and URL Tracking. Hence, the high level of confidentiality is achieved.

Employee Time Tracking has helped businesses in many ways. Some of the many advantages of these Time Tracking Software are below:

How it helps

Employees remain more focused

It is human nature to feel lazy and get distracted while carrying out similar procedures over and over again. And it stays true for employees as well. Employees often report feeling bored in the workplace and resorting to escapes like aimless internet browsing and excessive Social Media usage during the work hours. But when internet monitoring software were deployed, employees felt a lot more responsible and inclined towards getting on with their work. In short, the focus on work related activities bolstered.

It is, indeed, human psychology that people work harder and stay more focused when they are being watched. And this psychological fact is proven every time employee monitoring software is used.

Lesser Time wasted on non-work related activities

 When the employees are more focused towards work, they are less likely to spend time on non-work related activities. Employee monitoring ensures that less and less paid time is wasted and the time that is wasted is not compensated for.

In this way, employers only pay for the time that is spent on work related activities. Hence, not only time but also money is saved by businesses that use Time Tracking software.

Efficient Management of Projects 

If efficient Time Tracking is in place, the managers get tremendous amount of insights about the strengths and weaknesses of the team. When a project manager knows how much of work is done in the past, he would be better able to manage the workload and set realistic deadlines for his projects.

Furthermore, a manager who knows exactly how much of time it takes to get a project done will only take up as much work and not overburden his team. Hence, work life balance is maintained and employees are saved from excessive stress and burnout issues.

Efficient Cost Analysis 

Time Tracking not only solves the issues related to Time Management but also many other interlinked problems as well.

When a project manager knows the amount of time that is needed to get an upcoming project done, he can do the math and calculate the costs that will be incurred and the profits that will be made.

This way, a project manager or an employer can make wise financial decisions for the health and well-being of his organization.

Weed out Employees and Projects that are slowing you down

There are some people in every organization that are not sincere and hence can become detrimental for the progress of the organization. And it is in the best interest of a business and an organization to get rid of such employees.

It might sound harsh but the reality remains that in the cutthroat completion of today, organizations simply cannot afford individuals who are not profitable! Employee Time Tracking can help in getting rid of employees who do not further the mission of an organization.

Similarly, there are some projects that become Achilles heel for a company. Such projects suck up too much funds and fail to deliver desirable profits. Good Time Tracking practices can help in taking the hard decisions of shutting down projects that are not very profitable.


Time Tracking can prove to be very beneficial for the projects and companies. Businesses that have used Time Tracking software experience a surge in productivity and hence a greater profits.

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