Get Yourself Treated with Some of the Best PC Troubleshooting Tips

It has become quite a customary fashion to have PC in every household and as users add an extra set of machines to their collection of systems at home, it is obvious to hit upon software crashes and multitude of PC related issues. Concerning to the various types of configurations, Operating Systems, normally the error problems differ from system to system. When such kind of situations happens, your work stands at still. Therefore, the first step taken by the user is to call for tech support help.

While it is common for even an adept user to come across error software problems, hardware malfunctions and other system related issues, knowledge of some quick troubleshooting tips can help them to resolve the daunting issues effectively at once. Here, are some of the tips that will help you to resolve the software problems. Users can rely on these tips that will definitely help them to narrow down the causes of trouble creating issues.

# coming across Problems after Windows up Gradation

Sometimes, installing an updated version of Windows Operating System possibly creeps a disruption in network connections. Users will experience problems related to different causes. In such cases, follow the basic steps given below that may help you to minimize or completely reduce the effect of problems.

If the Operating System has been upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, then a simple reinstallation procedure of network drivers can help you resolve the issues. This happens when the system is connected to the network through Wi-Fi rather than cables.

The best solution in such situation would be to download the set of drivers from the website of the system manufacturing company or from the website of the motherboard incorporated in the system. This should be done prior to the up gradation procedures of Operating System. Another way out is to install the driver CD that generally comes with the system, even if they are not of recent versions.

# System Turns Into an Absolute Blank Mode

There are situations when users come across a completely blank screen on their monitor and they get panic. Whenever you have such a problem, examine the display cables of your desktop or laptop thoroughly. Work over the cables if they are loosely connected. A check on the connecter that connects with the system as well as with the display should be taken into consideration.

In case of laptops, proper check must be done to ensure that the display is worked out to the outgoing correct display.

#System Fails To Turn Up

Often it happens that when we put on the switch for the computer to turn on, it fails to do so. Here, you can try with the basic tips to turn up your system. Check if the Power button of your system in turned on. Sometimes, the power plug would be worn out or would be loosely connected to the plug. In such a case, it needs to be repaired by an electrician. In laptops, the power connectors may wear way giving problems of loose connection. Here, the power connectors need replacement with a set of new one.

# Mouse Stops Responding To Your Clicks

When you notice that the mouse has become unresponsive to your clicks, follow the steps that are given below to fix it immediately.

First, ensure that the mouse has been plugged rightfully onto USB port of the system. Sometimes, it happens that the connections are loose and so the mouse fails to work.

Try connecting the mouse with other USB ports as there might be a possibility that the USB port into which the mouse was plugged is not working.

If you are, working on a Windows based platform then try to reboot your system by selecting Alt + F4 keys until the dialog box for Shut down option appears on the screen. With the help of the TAB and arrow keys, the system can be shut down.

If you are using a non-optical mouse then clean the mouse properly from upside down. Take out the ball located below the mouse and clean the area where it was fitted in. If the mouse is an optical one then take into consideration that it should be operated on a solid platform. Use of mouse pads is often encouraged to make the optical mouse work properly.

# Your Computer Is Running Slow In All Respects

It is quite common for users to experience problems related to slow down of systems. Try the steps given below top overcome the problems

  • Close all the programs running on your system and navigate to the temporary file folder to delete them at once. Anything that is no longer required by the user should be deleted immediately. In order to locate the folder, follow the settings given below
  • For cleaning temporary internet files, open the browser move to tool and internet option to delete the files
  • Empty the recycle bin. If you are using Windows 7, then you can use the Disk cleanup utility to clean the system hard drive
  • Try running the defragmentation program to defragment your hard drive and free up some reserved space

# Errors creeping in during Backup in Windows OS

In case of Windows Operating System, there is a facility for regular Backup. Sometime sit happens that the backup does not get accomplished and it results in errors. Here are some basic steps which might help users to overcome the problem

  • First, close all the programs and files that are backed up
  • Check with the backup report to see the details the details of file that failed to backup
  • Try again for backup. If the problem continues, then reboot the system and again try with the backup


Here, we have discussed about the simple things which you can try for trouble shooting errors as well as how to resolve the most common problem which we usually encounter every other day while working on the system. If the above mentioned tips fail to work then one should take the help of a skilled network administrator or a technician.

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