5 Gadgets That Work Nearly Anywhere

Is there anything more frustrating than a weak Wi-Fi signal?

One major feature of today’s technology that we cherish so dearly is accessibility. It’s important that we are able to connect with each other at any time. It doesn’t matter if you are in a tunnel or hiking a mountain, there is always something happening on Facebook and you need to know about it.

Although it’s easier than ever to never have a problem with your gadgets, there are certain circumstances that prevent you from enjoying the latest product. These circumstances include a bad Wi-Fi signal, not having access to an outlet or your nephew playing Candy Crush for four straight hours. Sorry, I can’t help you with that one!

Fortunately for you, there are some gadgets that work everywhere. Here are five that will never fail you.

Portable Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is essential in modern culture. Whether you are in a car, on a train or in an RV, there are all kinds of gadgets available to help you connect to Wi-Fi anywhere.

There are many hotspots that you can choose from. Forbes named Verizon’s Jetpack Mifi 6620L as the best wireless hotspot available. It tested many other hotspots, but Verizon’s Jetpack Mifi 6620L has longer battery life and better connection. Those are two essential factors that determine your wireless capabilities.

Waterproof Speaker
A portable speaker is a must-have for any music lover. There is nothing better than finding a peaceful environment outdoors, pulling a tiny speaker out of your backpack and relaxing to some calm tunes.

Ultimate Ears’ new Bluetooth speaker, the UE Roll, is perfect for this. The UE Roll has a bungee cord loop built in, so you can listen to your favorite songs while hiking or biking. This speaker works from 20 meters away, and the battery lasts for nine hours.

As if this speaker wasn’t perfect enough for outdoorsy people, it is rated IPX7. This means that the speaker is waterproof.

The UE Roll is a speaker that is made to work under any circumstance.

Portable Keyboard
The emergence of tablets has made keyboards pretty obsolete. Although you can type by using the keyboard on the screen, some people prefer to use a physical keyboard. No worries, keyboard people. I am with you.

Microsoft has released its Universal Foldable Keyboard, which connects to any device via Bluetooth. The Universal Foldable Keyboard is about the size of a napkin, and unfolds to a fully functional keyboard.

Some major features of the keyboard are spill resistance, three-month long battery life and a button that lets you switch between your tablet and phone so you can type on both.

Portable Printer
Although laptops and tablets have made it possible to work from anywhere, it is still a hassle to print your work. Printers aren’t usually small enough to fit in a suitcase, and sometimes it might be difficult to find access to a printer.

Portable printers were never a plausible option. That is, until now.

Zuta’s latest gadget is a pocket printer that can print on all sizes of paper. It is 10.2 centimeters in diameter, has a battery life that lasts for an hour and can print 100 pages at a time. Zuta has made it possible to be able to print from anywhere.

Portable Charger
Everything that we use needs to be charged. I simply can’t imagine what it must be like to live without having an outlet nearby.

Portable chargers are necessary if you plan on using your technology everywhere. The Jackery Giant is a great charger that could last for up to six months. It has a few USB ports and a flashlight, which will come in handy if you’re using it at night.

These gadgets are essential to have if you are looking for technology you can use anywhere. Now you can go outside and explore without worrying about your phone running out of juice.

Image by Tookapic

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