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Imagine you are on Youtube, and you are searching for a fun viral video. You start with a funny prank. You see a few more prank videos, then you decide to click on a few related videos. Then, all of a sudden, you start seeing cat videos and dog videos. This leads to weird insect videos. And before you know, you are watching videos of old half-naked men running around chasing pigeons!

We have all fallen victims to the endless Youtube loops. Instead of seeing what is relevant to your search, you end up watching tons of videos that you weren’t interested in, and your history is full of videos that you wouldn’t watch.

Now, there is a safe video channel that allows you to only view the fun, relevant topic, and watch viral videos endlessly! With YooWatch, you can watch viral videos that are relevant to your interest! Ranging from TV shows and movie clips to celebrity fails and sports clips, YooWatch offers you free entertaining content to fill your pastime. Choose your category from one of the many available on YooWatch app: sports videos, news videos, celebrity gossips and videos, entertainment videos, cute animal videos, videos on Top 10 list, Travel videos, and more! With so many options to watch fun, free, viral videos, your pastime will be past.

Some of the popular, viral videos include “Epic Celebrity Fails” and “Top 3 TV Show Endings”. You can watch your favorite celebrities fail and make funny mistakes. These latest trending videos show celebrities failing in an epic proportion! The only thing better than watching TV shows or movies that your favorite celebrities are in, is to watch your favorite celebrities fail while filming. Or, if you’re a die-hard fan and cannot watch your favorite celebrities make mistakes, then YooWatch also has viral videos on the top TV Show endings that your celebrities are in. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, if it is funny and viral, you can find it on YooWatch!

YooWatch also provides free videos on the latest news and topics. YooWatch has a team of avid videographers who create a series of fun, free, and viral videos for you to enjoy. These videographers stay on top of the latest trends and topics, including news and sports. Once approved, these viral videos are shared to the users through the YooWatch app. So, if you’re crunched for time to catch up on news, what better way to get free videos than YooWatch! Plus, on a regular basis, YooWatch will have new, fun, free, viral videos that highlights and summarizes the latest trends and topics. Imagine if you could watch the entire World Cup games in 2 minutes.

Imagine less, and start watching! Anything you seek is available on YooWatch for free. Fun, free viral videos on the latest trends and topic to fill your pastime, or to give you more free time. Download YooWatch now. YooWatch is available on Android for free. Sign up now to get the latest trends and viral videos.

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