The New POS Technology in Grocery Stores

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and POS technology in grocery stores is no exception. In this article, we’ll talk about some major trends and good providers. 

Cutting Edge Scanning  

Systems like Epos Now have barcode and credit card scanners, age verification, electronic scale integration, a staff time clock, the ability to discount items or void transactions. The inventory application helps keep track of inventory reports, purchase orders, the supplier database, and more. This system is capable of migrating all products and stock and customer data to the new system as part of the implementation process. 

Integrated Payments

Modern POS technology helps grocery stores accept all credit and debit cards thanks to a global network of merchant partners. If you are worried about misuse, you can restrict any till function, like refunds and discounts. Maximum security is ensured by blind cashing up and petty cash recording. You can allocate pin numbers to your staff and hide sensitive information like profit margins. Your employees clock in and out directly from the front office, making it easy to manage payroll and hours.

Versatile Use

A modern grocery store POS can be used independently or connect to hundreds of applications, including online ordering platforms, payment systems, CRM, and accounting systems. Reporting is made easy via a customizable dashboard, giving an instant overview of your store across all of your devices and locations. You can access real-time sales, product, and employee performance reports at any time and from anywhere, on any device. With the custom dashboards, users can access key information quickly without having to re-run individual reports.

Through the web-based back office, users can add or edit products, access the app store or start a spontaneous promotion.

Customizable Promotions

The powerful online booking system is shared over your entire network, perfect for service-based business or managing appointments. You can design custom receipts for your store with images and special offers and track purchase histories of returning customers.

Loyalty Program

Grocery store managers can add and invoice customers quickly as they make purchases, give them credit, and gather essential marketing information like phone numbers and email addresses. The loyalty program also features the option to issue branded loyalty cards, allowing clients to collect points for their purchases and get discounts to encourage repeat business.

Extensive employee reporting enables grocery store managers or owners to see who their best- and worst-performing staff. This is a great feature because you can see which employees are best at selling each product in order to perceive gaps in training.

Comcash ERP

Comcash ERP is a cloud-based retail management solution targeting multi-channel and multi-location retailers. Their POS module employs multi-touch capabilities, making it possible for users to navigate the menu similarly to an iPad. It can support necessary hardware peripherals, including scanners, payment terminals, attached printers, and scales. The POS is connected to the cloud in real time, but can also run locally in case the Internet is down.

Easy, Smart Tracking

The customer handling allows grocery store managers to collect some basic information right at the point of sale for quick registration, then emails customers a link so that they can manage their profile via the store’s e-commerce site. A mobile application for iOS devices is available.

The POS software is optimized for fast checkout, so products are scanned, selected from a menu, and payments processed as quickly as possible. More complex operations are an option too, including customer management and acceptance of multiple payments over time on held orders. 

Intuitive Operation

The POS homepage requires minimal operations to scan products and take payment. You can find and select items that are not barcoded easily on the menu and switch between image and text view of the items depending on the product. The POS tablet can be mounted over the scale.


No review of the best grocery store POS systems would be omplete without at least a mention of QuickBooks POS. This retail point of sale system is tailored to smaller grocery stores. It offers a tablet-compatible POS, merchandise planning, inventory and customer management tools. Cloud-based deployments are available.

QuickBooks POS provides standard point of sale features such as inventory management and payment and return processing. These enable users to monitor items that are close to selling out, keep track of inventory, and place orders for items that need to be supplied. The system also saves customer data, helping users track purchase history and buying behavior.

Grocery stores can configure price tags and receipts, set up promotional prices, ship packages using the Shipping Manager module, manage rewards programs and layaways. The POS system syncs with QuickBooks accounting software automatically. License-based pricing and support are available through an online knowledge base.

Track And Reward customers

Quickbooks can do wonders for your grocery store marketing. You can look at balance owed, credit available, loyalty program status, and other aspects at the top of your transaction screen every time you make a sale. When you accept a payment, process a sale, or update your inventory, QuickBooks updates your books automatically, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

Ring Sales With Barcode Scanner

You can use the optional barcode scanner, a Microsoft Surface® Pro 4,2, to ring sales. Some managers choose to enter item names or numbers manually, add discounts and collect customer information for marketing purposes, and update their inventory in real time, giving them insight into what’s selling and what’s not. This way, you see what your most popular products are, what items need to be reordered, and what you don’t need.

Flexible Rates

Quickbooks’ flexible rates are one of the best features. They are easy to understand and you can choose one that fits your grocery store best. Payments via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards are accepted. There are no cancelation or installment fees. You can control costs incurred, set up vendors, and manage invites. 

You put purchase orders on autopilot by creating customization options. You can pay multiple bills and vendors at the same time, create custom access to QuickBooks for office managers, sales reps, and other types of employees and partners. Employees register billable hours that are easy to track. Manual entry becomes a thing of the past. You can track hours for faster invoicing and payroll and run it inside QuickBooks Online to have your books update automatically. Finally, you can submit payroll by 5 PM (PT) the day before payday with 24-hour direct deposit.

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