CRYPTOTASK: Solution To Freelancing Marketing

Unemployment no doubt is by far the most challenging of the problems facing the world at large. If not seeking employment, then it is being saddled with keeping the current employment otherwise regarded as job security or searching for a better employment offer. The majority of professionals took a step to bridge the gaps of client-professional hub that companies create. They become freelancers but are still faced with the problem of getting clients that needs their services.

Freelancing platforms seem to provide the solution to provision of clients needing professional services but are inadequate due to the fact that the platforms are centralized, thereby creating an autonomous system that is corrupt: charging both clients and freelancers, exorbitant withdrawal fees to mention a few.

The most pressing concerns freelancers face with the current market are reviewed briefly below:

  • Undeserved Negative Profile Review by Clients: There are clients on current freelancing platforms that dish out negative profile reviews due to altercation on payment issues and other issues other than the value of service rendered by the professional. This had been a major source of concern for freelancers.
  • Difficulty in receiving payment from Clients: Due to unsecure payment arrangement by the freelancing platforms, it is a walk through hell in receiving payment for tasks completed.
  • High Fees: Most of the current freelancing platforms charge fees that are on the high side, charging both the clients and professionals as well as collecting fees on withdrawal by the freelancer.
  • Unlimited centralized power: These platforms have unlimited power to censor posts and works of freelancers, have direct access to the accounts of freelancers thereby having the veto power to delete an account they chose to or not. They also have the power to manipulate the voting system to their numerous advantages.

It is therefore nothing short of miracle when a solution to all the aforementioned problems facing freelancing market is proffered in a single application of ingenious creation of a platform that is rooted in blockchain technology- Cryptotask.

Cryptotask is a decentralized task market that is based on blockchain technology offering solution to all the problems facing the current freelancing systems and platforms. The question would be why applying blockchain technology to freelancing market. The reason for this is not far-fetched; the freelancing market makes a whopping 35% of the workforce in the U.S. and contributes an approximated 1 trillion USD to the economy. More professionals are becoming freelancers as jobs are hard to come by. The market is one with a huge commercial potential that is untapped due to the problems facing the current freelancing market. How then is Cryptotask aiming to solve these problems? This is elaborated briefly below:

  • Scalability: It is based on the consensus mechanism with innovations that enables scalability (i.e. improving the time to reach a consensus and the number of transactions that is processed) an issue plaguing most of the popular blockchain projects such as bitcoin and ethereum.
  • Privacy: The selection mechanism satisfies the condition of secrecy in order to ward off potential collusion and off-chain communication between reviewers, this implemented by a reporting mechanism.
  • Voting: Voting is done in two stages, including a secret commit phase and this is to discourage parties form using the waiting strategy to corrupt the voting process.

The Cryptotask aims to decentralize the freelancing market by providing a platform where buyers meet sellers and professional reviewers that states if the task is completed or not. It is a platform that helps people to find job, freelancing work without being charged any fees that is common with the current freelancing platforms. It also helps people to get job done by providing professionals that can bring your ides to life at minimal cost. Cyptotask is a running a tight ship by also providing earning means for stakeholders that act as reviewers on the task provided and worked on respectively.

These features are what make cryptotask an envy to other competitors such as Blocklancer, they are as follow: low fees, no censorship, no limits, guaranteed dividends payout, mathematically provable attack resistance and fully scalable hierarchical dispute system.

Where high fees plague the current freelancing platforms making it difficult to freelancers to make optimal profit, cryptotask is a platform that offers as low as 1-2% as compared to centralized platforms with 10-20% charges.

There is also the advantage of freedom of speech with no censor, no limits to what tasks can be done (low or high value) as well as guaranteed dividends payout with no delays as it can be moved directly to your wallet and be used investments and otherwise.

The future is indeed here for freelancing marketing as the solutions to the many problems facing the market has been proffered by Cryptotasks, where buyer meets sellers and disputes mediated by reviewers.

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