How to Make Friends at Your Coworking Space?

A coworking space is a nerve center of activity, where people from different backgrounds and with varied professional expertise and interests are brought together within the same room. However, it’s not enough to be in such a space. You need to reach out to your co-workers and befriend them such that you contribute towards building a fulfilling office culture. Most people think it to be a tough proposition or an added burden to take care of. But the fact is that making friends in a coworking space is really easy.  Here are a few tips that will help you to make friends in your coworking space.

Be proactive about self-introduction

The first step of extending an arm of friendship is to introduce yourself to the people coworking with you. You can get ample opportunities to do so in a shared office. For instance, Coworking in Gurgaon provide various facilities like coffee machines and kitchens to heat your food. Such common places are perfect for hanging out and getting to know other members who work there. Show your interest in the other person’s work as well, which will go a long way in earning you friendship mileage.

Attend the events and programs

Most coworking offices organize events and programs to help their members break new grounds or find their footing in their relevant industry. Make sure to attend such events at your Shared office in Gurgaon or elsewhere. These events can actually turn out to be networking treasure troves. You never know whom you will meet or who will take a liking to the kind of work you do. By attending such programs or events, you may be able to discover a few like-minded individuals with whom you may love to develop a genuine friendship.

Invite conversation

A Shared office space is usually full of people who are involved in a varied range of projects and venture. As such, the sense of competition is minimal among the members. This is what encourages people to open up and mingle freely with others in their shared offices. While it’s okay to remain focused on your work, once in a while you can remove the headphones and converse with your co-workers. Once you break the ice and get talking, it can become really easy to foster friendships.   

Know the staff

Most coworking spaces are very careful about who they have on their payroll. It is the staff at such shared offices that is responsible for creating the vibe and feel of the space, but most people tend to ignore them. When you make an attempt to know more about them, they are likely to reciprocate your efforts. You never know whether you will end up having a few friends from among the staff or they will introduce you to such people with whom you would like to develop a friendship. Nonetheless, it is worth taking a chance, isn’t it?

Reach out to new members

Shared offices are spaces that often witness the arrival of new members. By reaching out to such new entrants, you can create a good first impression, which in turn act as the catalyst for friendships. The best part is that unlike in traditional offices, you won’t have to stick around if you don’t like a person. Since there are no strings attached in coworking places, you can take your call without feeling pressurized about the whole matter.

Collaborate with others

When you work in a coworking space, you get the chance to collaborate with a number of individuals and companies. Collaborating with another individual means you now have two creative minds bringing their skill sets and abilities to the table. If the creative minds gel well, the foundation of a professional friendship is laid. You also get to meet new people through your new-found friends, which can again open the avenues for further friendships to develop.   

To sum up, making friends in a coworking space is not as hard as you think. All you need to do is make an effort for it and you can end up with long-lasting friendships.

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