11 Reasons why you Should use WordPress for your Blog in 2016

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) all around the world. There are over 74 million sites that use the CMS. It is a highly powerful tool. Here are 11 reasons why you should use WordPress for your blog in 2016:

  1. Ready to use after installation
    You can begin to use WordPress immediately you install it. You need not look for and install myriad add-ons for core features like RSSfeeds and comments.
  2. Search engine bots love it
    Search engines prefer WordPress powered sites. The framework is easy to crawl. This means that they are more likely to rank high in search engine results.
  3. Frequent updates that keep the CMS safe
    Hackers target WordPress a lot more since it is very popular. The CMS frequently updates its software. There is an automatic update feature since the release of version 3.7.
  4. Support
    WordPress comes with exceptional support. You can ask questions or raise any concerns on the WordPress forums. A large community who use the CMS will respond to your questions.
  5. Responsive Design
    WordPress has already solved the responsive design problem for you. Most of the themes are designed to be mobile friendly. You can view them on different screen sizes, and the images, content and overall quality will not be affected.
  6. Integration
    If you want to sell products on your self-hosted WordPress site, it is very easy as the CMS platform integrates with other platforms. If you, for instance, want to launch an email campaign, you can use Aweber or MailChimp. You can also easily get paid as you get to work with several popular payment gateways worldwide. If you want to convert your site into a digital store, you can add plugins like WooCommerce, Shopp or WP eCommerce.
  7. No Extra Cost
    With WordPress, you save money in two ways. The first is because the CMS is free. The second way is due to the fact that you need not hire web designers or technicians to launch and maintain your site.
  8. It is easy to switch hosting providers
    Shifting your hosting provider is easy since WordPress will work with most servers. You will also experience less downtime.
  9. Scheduling Posts
    You can schedule posts for the time that you find most appropriate for both you and your audience.
  10. Several Users
    Keeping the content on your blog up to date may mean requiring a number of people to have access to the site’s dashboard. You can assign roles to different people. Here are some:
    – Super Admin: has access to the site network administration features, and all other features
    – Administrator: has access to all the administration features on the site
    – Editor: publishes and manages posts, including those of other users.
    – Author: publishes and manages their own posts
    – Contributor: writes and manages their own posts. They cannot publish
    – Subscriber: can only manage their profile
  11. Handles different types of media
    WordPress has built-in support to allow for images, video, and audio. It can also be used to manage files and documents. You can embed YouTube videos, Tweets, Soundcloud audio and Instagram photos by pasting the URL in a post. Visitors can embed videos in comments.

All in All
There are indeed several reasons why you should use WordPress for your blog in 2016, ranging from user and search engine friendliness, an array of plugins to increase functionality, to security.

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