400 USD HP Laptops

Here we have list of few cheap HP laptops for $400.

$400 dollar price range offers a number of full fledged 15 inch laptops as well as more portable Net books that will cover most basic computing needs, ranging from work, media consumption and even entry level gaming. Around 350$ is the entry level for most grooving new laptops and used ones. Meaning you are guaranteed to own a laptop of your own for entertainment or school activities and hopefully one that’s well worth your money.

Knowing the specs for the laptop you want to own is very important. Laptops which are below $400 may sound fake laptops, but you will never go wrong with them, I have had an opportunity to own one which was awesome. Most are used but have been refurbished to meet your daily use. IT experts have embraced the HP laptops for a long time as they are durable.

Before we go any further if you’re not too clued up on all of the technical words when it comes to PC’s I would recommend checking out CNet’s laptop buying guide. It’s an excellent resource if you’re not sure what to look out for when buying a new laptop written in pure non techie English.
Are you looking for laptops under 400 USD budget? Here we have listed top laptops under $400. There are a lot of laptops sold online and you may get confused and select a wrong product for yourself.

HP 2000-2b09WM Fusion E-300($278)  at walmart.com

The 2000-2b09WM is a stylish HP laptop with decent specs.  Performance can be enhanced through the expandable memory slots. Fans of HP laptops will enjoy the streamlined slick design perfect for users who aren’t planning on using their laptops for any heavy lifting. The 15.6” HD bright view LED backlight display is amazing for watching movies. You will never miss to capture the selfie as it has HP True vision HD webcam with an integrated digital microphone. The touchpad supports multitouch gestures with on/off button. Speed is great as it has AMD E 300 accelerated dual core processor for any simple jobs at home or office. This laptop from hp is designed in a way that will embrace anyone from its look; you can improve your graphics due to presence of AMD Radeon 6310 graphics processor.

You can have a look of the picture

Image Source : http://www.walmart.com

•    AMD E-300 Accelerated Dual Core Processor
•    Radian HD 6310 Discrete-Class Graphics (1972MB total graphics memory).
•    4GB DDR3 SDRAM (1 DIMM) (expandable to 8GB)
•    320GB hard drive
•    Operating system –windows 8

As per laptops online stores like e-laptopz.com or  Amazon.com  they stated that for its features and specs the price goes for around $345.

HP 2000-2d65NR Laptop ($377.00) at Amazon.com

With hp laptops will never go wrong, hp 2000-2d65nr is what will fulfill your daily computing needs; it is integrated with the best HP application that improves productivity. Be it conference meetings, skyping. HP true Vision HD webcam helps you to take good picture and images of yourself, never mind about light, the images can easily be synchronized with any mobile device through HP connected photo application.

The laptop has Intel core i3 2.4 GHz processor and 4 GB of DDR RAM thus maximum speed will always be available.

Storage capacity for this laptop you will never go wrong it has a 500GB HDD,it operates on windows 8 which is pre installed no worries of spending that extra coin on operating system.

The screen is a 15.6 inch Intel HD graphics 4000 offering the best clarity for any HD movie at the comfort of your seat.

Image Source : http://www.amazon.com

HP Sleek book ($ 415.99) at e-laptopz

Anyone looking to buy a budget laptop will never miss the HP envy sleek book in mind. It has a large screen and decent audio subsystem making it have a great music and movies, while the comfortable keyboard and strong battery life make it suitable for business trips. From its appearance, it looks more expensive than it is, it offers decent specs for its price too. In terms of power is a bit slow, but a tempting machine to own.

The size of sleek book has been just over 2cm thick, you may think of its size that is not heavy, but it weighs 2.1kg.  It’s not the best for carrying around for your daily trips. But has the best power storage. The processor can single handedly run many processor intensive applications and give you a fluid performance which will impress.

You can watch movies from it as it has the best graphics for 3D movies. As per laptop reviews they stated that this particular product has following features and can be for $415.99 at online stores.

Image Source : http://www.e-laptopz.com


•    Technical Specifications –
•    Processor – Intel Core i7-M620 (2.67GHz)
•    Memory – 8GB DDR3
•    Screen – 14.1”
•    Operating system – Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
•    Hard Disk – 320GB

HP ProBook 6440b($ 279.99) at Ebay.com

This laptop runs on the Intel 1st Gen Core i5 but that’s more than enough for a person with some intermediate daily use such as a surfing, writing documents, presentations, checking emails, occasional photo and video editing etc. If you think you will be doing something more than that, then I would advise you to see the next laptop.

This laptop has 2inches more than the previous one and is also priced less than the previous one mainly because of the generation of the processor. That should be okay if you won’t be doing any processor intensive work.

With these spec and features below this laptop goes for $279.99 at online stores.

Image Source : http://www.ebay.com

Technical Specifications

•    Processor – Intel 1st Gen Core i5 (2.4GHz)
•    Memory – 4GB DDR3
•    Screen – 14.1”
•    Operating system – Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
•    Hard Disk – 160GB

You will never miss to own a HP laptop, however small your saving is. Visit online to get one laptop under 400usd.you will have the best fun ever from your savings.

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