Apple is coming to change the traditional gaming space

apple gaming space

Rumors are that Apple is getting into the gaming market. In fact, industry watchers are certain that the company is, just not how or when. Apple is known for its secrecy, and there is little known for sure. However, analysts, investors, and media experts are certain it’s going to happen. Michael Pachter, a business analyst who specializes in games, says that this is all speculation and rumor so far, but that it is “definitely going to happen.”

How will Apple change the gaming space?

The big question on everyone’s mind is what we will see from them. One rumor that has bounced around for a long time is that the company is working on a television set. Customer surveys have discussed the possibility, and 25% of consumers in the US said the idea was appealing. An Apple TV could be the company’s entry for video gaming too, with all game access happening through the TV screen.

Some people are convinced that the company is developing a TV because of a quote in Steve Jobs’ biography, where he talked about the idea. He wanted it to be easy to use and seamlessly synced to everything. Peter Misek, an analyst for Jefferies, has nicknamed this device the “iPanel,” and believes that this will be released soon. One of his reasons is that there has been some movement of TV type components to the company’s manufacturing partners recently.

Other industry watchers don’t see an actual television coming from Apple, and think that instead we will see something that uses the AppleTV device, which could tie into their gaming strategy. And of course, there’s no reason that they couldn’t have both the AppleTV and a real TV at the same time.

Is Apple preparing to conquer the gaming market?

A gaming industry executive said “we know this is happening.” He said that Apple was slow to get into the gaming market, but they see the opportunity now. They know their customers, and when they see a need, they come up with an elegant solution for it. Game developers, as of Train Games 365 and many more will be happy, because Apple has a way of opening up new markets and reaching new customers.

When Apple enters a market, they have the ability to change everything. That certainly happened when they entered the music business, came out with the iPhone, and then entered mobile gaming. So far, they don’t have a part in the console gaming market, but are they going to sit that one out? It hardly seems likely.

Apple wouldn’t be interested in straight television sets, which is a small-margin market with many enormous competitors like Samsung and Sony. They wouldn’t want to come out with something as seemingly primitive as a standard gaming console. When Apple gets into the market, it will be something different.

Apple – unique devices, unique experiences!

Rumor has it that Apple wanted to develop a position where they own people’s media experiences. When somebody has Apple on their computer, their phone, the TV and their tablet, then the company will in effect reach that position. The user will be surrounded by Apple’s entertainment offerings, and that can include gaming.

In the future, consumers won’t have different content on each device, but can get instant, on-demand streamed content everywhere. With a screen in your living room, their circle can be complete. When Apple enters gaming in a big way, expect them to shake things up. Although it’s a bit too soon to assume that the company will dethrone the Xbox or PlayStation, but who knows, maybe it will happen sometime in the future?

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