How To Get Your Profile Verified On Google Plus

Google Plus Now launched its process to get Peoples profile verified, so people should be aware that the Celebrity’s, Brand’s or Public Figures are real, not fake profile or pages. As you can see every verified profiles has a  Verified Profile Badge Google Plus  badge after their names. The profiles have been verified by Google itself. With a Long Process.

This feature is only available to Those Peoples Who are Celebrities, Brands, Local Verified Business and people have been added to large amount of Circles Around the Google+.

If you are looking to apply to get your Google+ profile verified, than unfortunately there is no method to get your profile verified yet for Individuals. The only way to get verified Profile is to get added yourself in large amount of circles well, no-one know what is the actual amount of circle people you need to get verified profile. If you have been added in large amount of Circle, than Google may reach to you to get your profile name verified. It is a manual process, so you can’t apply for it… :P

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q:- Hey now i have been Added in large amount of Circles on Google+. now what should i do to get my Profile verified ?

Ans:- If you are now added to Large amount of Circles. You don’t need to contact google for that. google will Manually Contact you for this process and there is no other process.

Q:- but I have seen some verified profile of people Even they are added in small amount of Circles?

Ans:- Their profile have been Verified by Knol (Currently Closed by Google).

Q:- My profile name is verified by Google but  i want to change my name now, will that Effect on my verified Profile?

Ans:- Yes off-course, If you have a verified Profile name on Google+, and if you change your name, then your verification badge will be removed and you have to get your profile verified again by contacting Google. If you have got verified your profile with the help of Google Knol, than you will not be able to verify it again because it has been Closed from the product.

Q:- What is the number of people should add me in their Circles so that Google+ consider me to get my profile verified?

Ans:- As i said in the first Question that Google will Manually Contact you for this verification. you don’t need to worry about that at all.

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