An insight to Apple iBeacon

iBeacon is apple implementation of Bluetooth low energy devices also know as BLE. iBeacon proves various location based useful information and services to iPhone handlers and other iOS products and devices. IBeacon uses a beacon transmitter also called Bluetooth transmitter to transmit the messages to someone’s user phone when they are in range. This technology has a number good advantages for example to share your coupons to your customers for shopping or share sales or help a customer to find way to nearest checkout point in shopping mall.

Successful users of IBeacons

  • Push notifications in store for merchandise offers
  • Location fencing of literature at conference
  • Boarding passes at airport
  • Checkout free in store purchases
  • Museum curation
  • Taking attendance at school
  • The Internet of things


There are many alternatives for iBeacon in the market few of them are –



Datzing – This is new android platform based location based service and lets you to configure your phone to broadcast information via WI-FI or Bluetooth, much like old phone.


The Gimbal Bluetooth platform gives a breathing space to retailers, brands and in store managers to engage with their customers with merchandise relevant offers or coupons also they can send personalized content to customer mobile devices that will help them to increase sales in stores and drive customer sales, engagement and run loyalty programs.

Features –

  • Cutting edge Geofencing engine technology
  • Best in class Bluetooth beacons support
  • Built-in Interest Sensing for customers
  • Instant location-based messaging to customers

Some of the advance features of using Glimbal provide you the following experience


Gimbal Proximity utilizes its own Bluetooth technology know as Gimbal proximity beacons which provides location based services, micro-location awareness to customers and also enables Bluetooth applications to determine their relative proximity in the range area. Gimbal applications (beacons) are very easy to install on your hand held devices, battery efficient and cost-effective.


Geofencing is another superior feature of Gimbal. Geofence provides low-power transmission across in range devices and location based awareness.

Interest Sensing

Interest Sensing is designed to provide its in range customers with relevant offers or any material that suits them. This feature helps in store managers to customize their offers, which suit their customers and in crease store sales in return.


Mpact is Bluetooth Beacon technology designed by Motorola and an good alternative to other existing technology in market. MPact Platform is designed for Mobile Marketing. Mpact is used to unify Bluetooth and Wi-FI services to give user a great experience. MPact offers customers with maps, which helps them to find item quickly without roaming all over the place to find an item and show them right direction to reach to a point asap. Mpact also helps to share coupon with customers to increase sales at stores.

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