How To Manage App Store Optimization

Apple Store and Google Play have nearly equal numbers of apps and number is growing rapidly and it is roughly a million now in each store. Windows Phone Store have great number amounting to one-fifth of million. Tablets and smartphones owners see through featured apps, open to search, top-grossing apps and enter different words connected with apps they want to have and it would be great if you can find your apps there.

There is need for marketing your applications suitably but you also need to worry about ASO or optimization of app store. Now-a-days people are always on the lookout for great discounts and prefer using coupon for Amazon to get good deals on smartphones with good in-built apps. Purpose of ASO is to gain higher ranking in the search results on the application stores. This way you will be able to find your app easily. Over half app discoveries in application stores are simple searches. Thus making you visible is great opportunity to reach the target audience. But it is essential to first know how they make efforts to find what is needed. It indicates words people use to discover new apps on Google Play and App Store. These searches result in increase in downloads and this is widest discovery channel for apps.

What influences ranking of your app’s?

There is need to do research for finding relevant keywords used by buyers of smartphones using Snapdeal offers that can be modified regularly for good visibility. Full app name must include the main key words. There are other crucial factors but cannot be controlled directly such as reviews, ratings and number of downloads. Better these are, higher the ranking. Have a look at first two factors which can be controlled by you.

App Name

Full app name is unique and it certainly contains basic search keywords that are connected with it. This chance should never be missed because the name is a relevance identifier for the search. At the same time the name must have creativity and not look boring. It is not easy to find the balance but it is worth spending time on this.


What words should be typed for searching for app like yours? Have a look at top keywords that are related to essence of your app. Then there will be choice of less competitive keywords that may assist your app to go higher. In between are words which occupy the medium search volume. These are also useful. Special attention should be paid towards localization of the keywords.

If there are more languages, more time would be taken but it is important to cover new areas. There should be no hesitation in putting efforts and experimenting with the keywords for sake of success. Track their success for a certain period for finding optimal set. Perhaps you will not be able to find perfect keywords at the beginning.

App store optimization certainly is not momentary matter. You have to work with the keywords, have good reviews and ratings and maintain record of results. You should research and optimize and go for perfect set of the keywords. Remember that good results will not be visible soon. Over the years has gained a good reputation in being amongst the top sites for latest coupons and deals.

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