Remote Ways to Monitor Your Home

Home monitoring gives you a way of checking up on your home, your family, and your possessions. If you’re frequently away from home, or are just interested in making sure things are running smoothly, remote monitoring is the solution for you. Luckily with the availability of the internet, getting access to a video feed of your home is easier than ever!

Remote Ways to Monitor Your Home

Remote Ways to Monitor Your Home

The Basic Setup of a Live Video Feed
Most variations of a remote home monitoring system involves setting up cameras in strategic locations and uploading the feed to an internet connection, sometimes through a computer. On the receiving end, you’ll have a device capable of viewing the video feed. With today’s technology, you will be able to watch a live stream on your tablet or smartphone.

The more cameras you have setup at home, the more you’ll have a sense of how things are outside the house, as well as inside.

The Old Fashioned Way
Before cameras were as good and affordable as they are now, and when internet speeds were low, people had to rely on different methods on gathering information on their property or family.

For example, if you had a cottage that you only spent the summer in, you might ask a neighbour with keeping an eye out on the place. Occasionally, you may drive up and check up on the property to make sure there was no break and entry or flooding. Also, if you had kids at home while you were at work, the best way to find out how things were going was to call someone at home. Of course, the child or babysitter in question would have to be telling the truth in order for the phone call to give you a complete version of how things at home were.

It’s as Easy as Downloading an App
Various home alarm companies have made remote monitoring easy. Some may have features such as:

  • Two way communication
  • Free activation and warranty
  • Quick installation from our professionals

There are a number of ways that remote home monitoring can come in handy. The video and audio communication will automatically alert you through email communication when someone arrives at your door. You can use this to track package deliveries to you home, your children arriving after school, and unwanted intruders poking around your house.

If you have second doubts about the dog walker or babysitter, a nannycam is useful in ensuring that things are running smoothly. It can be used to deter unwanted behaviour, especially if it was discussed in the instructions ahead of time. The nannycam can also be used in a home of an elderly relative in case of emergency. If an incident has occurred at home, you can see exactly what happened and decide on the best course of action. Having the video feed can give you the leadership tools you need to keep things running.

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