6 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Let’s face it: You love your pet enough to get him or her a present this holiday season. Much like your human gift recipients, you can likely assume that your pup will benefit most from something that’s technologically enhanced. Fortunately, there are plenty of forward-thinking designers out there who work to improve many pre-existing dog treats and toys so they make both of your lives better and easier. Here are six of the best options to wrap up and give to your favorite pooch this holiday season.

Perhaps you have a fitness tracker you wear on your wrist or regularly check into on your smartphone. Now, with the FitBark, you can keep track of your dog’s fitness, too. This bone-shaped chip clips right onto your dog’s collar and is small enough to avoid any discomfort or heaviness. During the day, it’ll track your dog’s activity and let you know the best times for feeding. It’ll also signal you when your dog might be feeling down due to a lack of activity. Most importantly, though, it’ll give you insight into how your pet’s living when you’re not home, which is information most pet lovers crave.

Another collar-clip device, the Whistle is the perfect gift for a dog that’s known to fly the coop every now and then. Rather than troll the neighborhood in your car and hope your pup makes an appearance – or rely on someone who finds your dog to take him or her to the vet for a reading of a tracking chip – you can see just where your pet has gotten off to in real time. You can even program Whistle to send you a notification if and when your pet has left a predetermined set of boundaries so you’re ready to make the return right away.

Mungo & Maud Dog Fragrance
This specially blended formula is made to suit dogs’ sensitive skin, but it doesn’t smell like traditional pup shampoo. Instead, notes of blackcurrant, violet and sweet vanilla bourbon will delight your senses so much that you might try a spritz on yourself. The great thing about dog fragrance is that it keeps your pet smelling fresh between baths, which is great news when you regularly pay for a pet wash. You might be able to save a few dollars in the long run without sacrificing your sense of smell.

Illuminated Leash
Even with you as a beacon for drivers passing by, your dog’s location might go unnoticed. An illuminated leash ensures that cars will see just where your pet is standing in order to keep him or her safe on every nighttime walk. It’s visible from up to a quarter-mile away in the dark.

PetNet SmartFeeder
Your pet has to eat, no matter how long your hours are or how much traffic you’re stuck in. That’s where the PetNet SmartFeeder comes in. It dispenses just the right amount of food to keep your dog satiated, whether or not you’re there to fill his or her bowl. It can also help keep your pet on a weight-loss meal plan by regulating portions and keep track of how much food is in the device so you know when to restock.

No matter how many pictures your partner sends or how many updates your dog sitter provides, you miss your pet when you’re away. The PetCube strives to close the divide between you by allowing you to see your pet on your smartphone during the day. It takes your surveillance up a notch, though, because you can speak through the PetCube to say hello to your little buddy. You can even play with the device’s built-in laser pointer and keep your pooch on his toes until it’s time for you to come home and walk him or her. You can link other family members and friends to the PetCube, too, for maximum socialization.
This isn’t an exhaustive list of modern gifts that would suit your dog, but it’s a great place to start for your holiday shopping. The good news is that you’ll hit a homerun no matter what you select: Just check out that wagging tail.

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