Curse Voice: Unifying Gamers Through Intelligent Communication

Gaming is a form of entertainment that has rapidly expanded over the last decade, constantly breaking new ground in methods used to draw in new gamers and keep them playing.  By 2016 the global games market is expected to reach over $86 billion — a number analysts say is fueled by the widespread use of mobile phones and tablets. With over 500 million devices connected to the internet in the US alone, it should come to no surprise that finding ways to reach gamers has become a top priority.

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone.
  • Individuals ages 15 to 19 spend an average of 52 minutes a day play games while spending 2 hours and 42 minutes a day on mobile devices with gaming commanding 32 person of the consumer’s app time.

Even more important is that gamers are no longer considered randomly disjointed groups of teenagers.

  • 59% of Americans play video games, and studies report an average of two gamers in every game playing household.
  • One-third of parents play games with their kids at least once a week and over half play at least once a month.
  • 16% of kids play with their parents, 40% play with friends, 17% play with spouse or significant other and 34% play with family members.
  • In terms of genre, social games have increased in popularity by 55% from 2012 to 2013, rapidly becoming the most popular genre.

All these numbers go to show that gamers are not only socializing more, but are developing those social connections through their preferred form of entertainment.  It’s this distinct necessity that makes Curse Voice the best VoIP on the market — the only service that can offer a stable, reliable service across multiple platforms.

  • Curse Voice pulls from almost every major gaming network, from to Skype, consolidating your friends and contact lists into a single location.
  • Curse Voice is available on PC & Mac in addition to having its own mobile app.
  • A Guild / Clan system will soon be implemented to connect groups of friends and family that want to stay connected across multiple games.
  • There are currently over 1.1 million active users on Curse Voice, and that number continues to grow daily.

Just how Skype has grown its user base with the advent of the tech-savvy household, Curse Voice is primed to grow with the gaming industry.  Drawing an audience from new games and existing social platforms Curse Voice is as relevant and necessary to gamers today as Curse was to expanding the use of mods and gaming add-ons worldwide


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