6 Tips to Help Name Your Tech Startup

What’s the first thing you find out about a person you meet? Most often – his or her name… It’s the same story with brands. People are introduced to a brand by the brand name. What would you think a brand named Starlight focused on?  Astronomy? Lighting? Kitchen Equipment? It’s confusing isn’t it…? That’s why choosing the right brand name is essential for any startup. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect name.

Keep it Short

What’s an easier name to recall; Jeff or Jeffersollan? Short names are easy to recall and easy to spell. Your brand name should also be simple and short. Don’t worry too much about numerology and add a few extra alphabets. Your brand name should have a low risk of being misspelled. For example, if you named your brand ‘Yellloww Elephant’, chances are they would search for ‘Yellow Elephant’ instead.

Pick a name with scope to expand

You never know what the future holds for you. Toda, your brand may be focusing only on lighting but tomorrow, you may venture into house automation. Hence, pick a brand name that does not limit your scope of work. Similarly, do not pick a name that limits your brand to a certain area or city.

Make Sure it’s Easy to Pronounce

It’s not nice to have to constantly tell people how to pronounce your brand name. So, pick a name that is easy to pronounce and sounds good. Some names may look good on paper but can sound odd when you say them aloud. If you want people to talk about you, your brand name needs to be catchy and something your employees are proud of saying.

Pick a Name You Relate to

As the founder of a startup, your brand name should be something that is connected to the work you are doing and that relates to you. Brand names that are meaningful are easier to market as compared to names that are simply catchy without any particular meaning. In short, your brand name should tell a story. You could create a compound word by joining two nouns or a noun and a verb. You could also create a portmanteau by combining words with similar sounds or shared letters. There are a number of tools online that could help you do this.

Get Plenty of Feedback

Before you finalize a brand name, share your ideas with a few people. Share your top 5 favourite names with friends and family and ask them for feedback. They can help you make sure your brand name is catchy and doesn’t have any negative connotations. You could also ask a select group of your target audience for their reactions.

Register your Brand Name

There’s nothing worse than picking a name, building your audience and then realizing that someone else has the same name. So, as soon as you decide a name, get it registered. Company registration of private limited company  is a simple process that doesn’t really take too much time or effort. Once your name is registered, also secure the dot com domain for your brand.

Author Bio: Alex is a super-connector between startup businesses and Outreach experts such as Submitcore. What makes her stand out as an author is her extensive marketing skills and zeal to promote businesses.


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