Most Awaited Tech and Gadgets to watch out for in 2015

Now that the 2014 Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and even Christmas shopping is done, people can look forward to new technologies and gadgets that will be introduced in 2015. These new technologies and gadgets may well form part of their 2015 Cyber Monday purchases. Already, there are leaks and rumors about tech and gadgets to watch out for 2015. These have helped some people to defer their costlier purchases. Technology giants too have periodically announced their intentions to introduce new products in 2015. Many of these may be showcased in upcoming Consumer Electronics Show of 2015, which is annually held in January in Las Vegas.

Annual lists for gadgets to watch out for invariably focus on novelties. The list of devices to watch out for 2015 is no different. Market is discussing gadgets that would have new features or new technologies, which are not merely an improvement in existing technologies. Instead, these technologies would completely change the way new devices are designed and manufactured, and render the existing gadgets obsolete because of outdated technologies.

Therefore, the list of best 2015 tech includes-


The name says it all. It is an indicator of a person’s mood. While the concept of identifying an individual’s mood is same as the mood rings, this ring genuinely works, unlike its predecessor. Moodmetric ring uses information from the body to indicate the wearer’s mood. It would be a nice way to identify whether it would be a nice time to approach the boss for pay hike. Technologically speaking, the wearer’s mood is discerned based on the conductance sensors on the person’s skin.

Cicret Bracelet

This one has all the promises of becoming a game changer. It may render smartphones and iPads obsolete. Basically, it is just an extremely sophisticated bracelet. The bracelet facilitates usage of the features similar to a tablet or a smartphone directly on the person’s hand. This means people can compute, access, and send images and emails, They can talk to others based on screen that is displayed on their hands. And anything that they indicate on that screen is again captured by the band and translated into instructions.

Fastfox Smartwatch

Now, why should an intelligent watch figure in this list. After all, there are many smart watches that are around in the market. The reason is this smart watch is unique and has a new technology because of which its price tag would be just $7. The battery used in it will have life of approximately 4 to 6 months if it is regularly used. In standby mode, the same battery lasts for 19 months. Like other smartwatches, this device too would help to keep track of physical exercises and sleep.


This device incorporates technology that can detect tiny vibrations or other sounds. The device can also recognize words. This means it can be used for functions such as health monitoring and earthquake detection.

Uno Note Band

The band has a screen, which shows the content of any message word by word. Pretty much like the pagers of days gone by, but much-sophisticated version of it. The sophistication includes ability to use Google fit or Apple Health on it.

Occulus Rift

Occulus Rift is a headset, improving the gaming experience. It has tremendous potential in social networking, virtual concerts, and watching interactive movies.

Project Morpheus

This is also a headset offering virtual reality experience. The product is being developed by Sony as of now.


The list is certainly not exhaustive. Therefore, gadgets lovers can look forward to launching of Windows 10, iPad Pro, the third release of HTC’s smartphone, and the second version of One smartphone from Chinese firm OnePlus, etc., in 2015.

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