Predictions of some interesting Mobile app development in 2015

App developers are always looking to stay ahead of the curve in order to make the next popular app in the app stores. Trends are constantly changing, but if you look carefully, you’ll see a pattern emerge, indicating how the best and brightest app developers envision their apps. Some predictions will be obvious to even the most casual observer of mobile apps and handheld devices, while others will be surprising to many.

App 2015

Standalone apps are the way of the past

Social messaging and finance apps are two categories of apps that were a variation of the service that was originally offered through your computer’s browser. Many of these services didn’t believe that a full app was necessary to develop, so in order to reduce competition with themselves, they built an app that redirected the user to a mobile browser friendly version of their webpage.

Suddenly minds changed and companies rushed to get their standalone app up and running. Unfortunately, the wrong bets were made and standalone apps don’t seem to be living up to their expectations. The writing is in the cards and soon enough,large companies will be abandoning their efforts to build a standalone service.

The border between the digital and physical worlds shrinks

Two factors play into integrating online services with everyday life and they include increased access to wireless internet and gadgets with Wi-Fi capability. The idea of an Internet of things has been around for a few years, but it hasn’t become entirely mainstream yet because manufacturers are rather slow in innovating their products. In the last year, smart TVs were a popular item. We can be sure to expect even more products that offer online connection and web services.

Focus on non-mobile gadgets

The market for mobile app development is fully saturated with all types of apps and several attempts at imitating successful ones. A relatively unexplored option that is worth discovering are mobile accessories and other new hardware types. Being an early contender can give you an advantage over the competition in the future. Even though you’ll be selling to a smaller user base, you may come out on top in that small market and end up netting a higher number of downloads in the end.

Micro-moments and You

Apps often send you push notifications after a period of disuse or to notify users of any updates. Instead of occupying your attention in chunks of time, the concept is shifting over to checking up on the user every so often. Gathering information on the user on a regular basis is something that companies are doing increasingly, in a bid to understand the user better.

On various platforms, there are already features and services to help you track users, so you don’t have to start from scratch when collecting information. Android has Google Now while iOS8 will offer an app extension.

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