Fiverr Exchange Group

For anyone that struggles with getting customers on Fiverr due to lack of reviews on their gigs because their gigs are not looking trustable or are nowhere to be found, here’s a solution.

We’ve established an Fiverr exchange group on Skype with appropriate amount of active people willing to do exchanges everyday. This group is monitored everyday to establish a maximum amount of active people and those who are not active simply get removed in period of 7 days from administrators notice.

No one from the group is going to betray you, because the group is trusted and in order to get into the group, you will have to pass the test & agree to the rules or otherwise your application is NOT going to get accepted.

Join to the group by this link: Skype Group link

When you join, you will not be able to talk or participate in the chat and the chat may show incorrect number of members in it. One of the chat administrators will contact you as soon as they see that you have joined to the group and then you’ll have to answer to some questions & take a test.


  • Profile picture on Fiverr(possibly picture of you)
  • 100% profile completion(Filled description, your location, the language you speak, e-mail, Facebook and Google+ verified)
  • Must have gig/s on Fiverr which will be used for exchange

Example of 100% profile completion

fiverr profile completion example

We look forward to new members, have a nice day!

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