How to get rid of corruption due to oversized PST files?

Outlook works as Personal Information Manager for and have its own significance. We all know every email client has their own way of storing mailbox information. Few email clients stores user mailbox information in form of folders, while few of them store in form of files. Followed by the same scenario Outlook stores all information in form of PST file. In this post I will discuss in detail about Outlook PST file and how PST file can be save from corruption by reducing its file size.

PST file

Introduction to PST File

Microsoft Outlook PST file is an Outlook database file which stores messages, calendar entries, contacts and other Outlook items. PST is expanded as Personal Storage Table. With the growing era of technology Outlook gets advance and same is happening with PST file. In previous versions of Outlook i.e. Outlook 2002, 2003 file structure of PST file is compatible with ANSI format while in advance version of Outlook it is well suited to UNICODE format. In version prior to Outlook 2010 file size of PST is limited i.e. 2 GB. In new version i.e Outlook2010 or outlook 2013 ranges increase up to 50 GB.

Outlook file size has been increased but still there is need to handle PST file as large size PST file are more prone to corruption. Corrupt PST file are responsible for data loss. Let’s see how a large size PST file affects Outlook and leads to corruption.

PST file affects Outlook

Before discussing about how PST file affects outlook it’s necessary to know how PST file size increases.

Outlook PST is getting oversized due to various reasons. In our daily work scenario everybody send a lot of emails and receives too. Sometime we receive emails that are of no use and still they are existing in our mail folder or deleted mail folder. I am sure user is not aware of fact that this also adds GB’s to PST file and hence results in increase of file size. In this way size of PST file is getting oversize and works as a barrier in Outlook performance.

After getting to know about how PST file size increases let’s discuss how it affects Outlook.

We usually see most of time Outlook hangs, freezes or some time stops responding for our queries. In some cases Outlook encountered some common error messages like:

  • “Error in background synchronization”
  • “The message interface has returned an unknown error”
  • “An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned file”.
  • “Outlook PST cannot be accessed- 0x8004060C”

All these errors are happening due to oversized PST file. To avoid such type of issues it’s better to trim down the size of your PST file.

Moreover if user is receiving such type of errors then it’s a clear alarm to remind you to repair your corrupt PST. To resolve such PST repair issues user can choose a professional tool to repair the oversized PST files. Here I would recommend a best tool that can repair corrupt PST problem that occur due to oversized PST file. Name of such software is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software. This tool is well-suited with all the version of Outlook and also generates a preview of all the recoverable emails from which you can select your file for recovery. To know more about tool efficiency please follow website:

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