Top Apps that Will Help You with Your Cleaning Disasters

Apps for Dirty dishes

Dirty dishes

We all know how tiresome cleaning might be. And I am sure that when we are supposed to try to follow our busy daily schedules, taking care of our homes is the last thing we think of. This is why sometimes it all might get out of control. Just imagine the piles of unwashed dishes in the sink and the nasty floors. Embarrassing, isn’t it?! Thankfully, now we have all those smart phones and other smart electronic devices that seem to be able to help us with everything in our life even with our cleaning chores. This is why in this article I want to offer you some useful apps that will make sure to regularly remind you of your household duties.

Home Routines

With this wonderful app you can divide your home into various zones and take care of each of them on a set day. You can also create various colour-coded check-lists. You need to be sure that you will be constantly reminded of the chores you need to perform. And you will be given a gold star for every single task you complete. The app is available on iTunes for £2.99. Those who use Android devices might check Chore Checklist. The app shares as simple interface as that of Home Routines and includes almost the same options.


This app is a must-have. With it you will be fully aware of everything you own as well as its current location in your home. You will be able to create various lists, accompanied by pictures. In other words, you will no longer have to look for a given object for hours, for you will find it just with few swipes and taps. Moreover, Sortly will be a really useful assistant, if you decide to move out. The app can be found on iTunes for free.

Green Shine

Green Shine is a great app for all those of you who prefer to clean their homes in an eco-friendly manner. It can offer you more than 100 non-toxic ideas for cleaning. Thus, you will surely provide your loved ones and yourself with a healthy domestic environment. The app is available for iPhone and iPad.


SimplyUs is a lovely app that allows couples to plan and organise together everything from their cleaning chores to shopping lists. It can be synchronised between the two users and they can even share photos or text each other. Really convenient, isn’t it? What is more the interface of the app is extremely simple and easy to understand. SimplyUs is available on iTunes for free.


Well, now you have an app to remind you of your household duties, one that will tell you where to find what you need, one that will help you clean in a green manner, and one to sync your chores with that of your significant other. But you also surely need BrightNest. This app will offer you all kinds of tips that will help you keep your home in an excellent condition. It is recommended by That is, you will find everything from simple cleaning ideas to great DIY interior design suggestions. BrightNest is available for iPhone, iPad as well as all Android devices. And the best part is that it is absolutely free.

These were only few of the hundreds of apps available. They are all extremely simple to use and will certainly help you organise your cleaning chores as well as all other household tasks. Thus, you will no longer have to cope with yet another cleaning disaster and your home will never look like a filthy hovel. And apart from extremely useful, these apps are either free, or extremely cheap.

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