How to install Pligg 2.0 Beta in 15 easy Steps

You want to start your own Pligg website with the new version beta 2.0. This article will guide you, how to install Pligg for the first time.


Pligg requires a modern version of PHP and MySQL and some PHP functions.

  1. Create a mysqo database in your hosting. if you don’t know how to create a database then ask your hosting help center. they will do for you for free or for a fee :P… after creating database please note-down it’s database name, username, password and hostname.
  2. Rename the file  /language/lang_english.conf.default to lang_english.conf. Same instructions apply to any other language file that you might use that are located in the /languages directory.
  3. Rename the file /libs/dbconnect.php.default to dbconnect.php.
  4. Rename the folder /logs.default to /logs
  5. Upload the all files to the server where you want to run your Pligg site.
  6. CHMOD 755 the following directories and files after you  uploaded. If you experience any errors why not try 777.
    • /admin/backup/
    • /avatars/groups_uploaded/
    • /avatars/user_uploaded/
    • /cache/
    • /languages/ (all files contained in this folder should be CHMOD 777)
    • /logs/ (all files contained should be CHMOD 777)
  7. CHMOD to 666 the following files
    • /libs/dbconnect.php
    • settings.php
  8. Now it’s time to Open /install/index.php in your web browser. If you are reading this document after you uploaded it to your server, click on the install link at the top of the page.
  9. Select the language you Want to Use.
  10. After Language selecting fill your database information which you create before.  be sure to choose a unique table prefix.
  11. In the next step you will ask for admin account Creation. fill your desire details and save in your mind then go for next step.
  12. Delete your /install folder from main directory.
  13. CHMOD 644 libs/dbconnect.php
  14. Open /index.php OR Homepage of your Pligg installation.
  15. Login to the admin account by going to /login and go to admin by typing /admin

You will also found this installation guide with your pligg site, just open /readme.html in your browser for more information even with Backup and Upgrading process too…

You are successfully installed your new Pligg 2.0 version on your website. if you face any kind of problem after installation or in between, feel free to comment below. i will happy to help you out…

enjoy your Pligg CMS live on the web… 🙂

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