How To Play Video in Browser With HTML on your Local PC

This is Mostly happens with Everyone that if someone try to play a Video in Browser with HTML tags. like < Video > or < object > tag. It won’t work for beginners. so now i am going to tell you that how you can play any video directly in your Browser from your Hard Drive with help of some HTML simple code.

All you need to do is follow these Steps:-

  1. Open Notepad in windows. Mac users can use Text Mate and Linux Users should go for Gedit.
  2. Copy and Paste the following Code in your Blank File.
  3. <embed&nbsp;src=”your-video.flv”&nbsp;width=”900″&nbsp;height=”500″></embed>
  4. Now Replace your file name after src=”” (in inverted commas).
  5. You can set custom Width and height according to your need.
  6. Now Save your File With the Extension .html OR .htm.
  7. Open your HTML file with any Browser By right Clicking on it and Choose Open With Your Installed Browser.
  8. This is Done. you should now see this Video Playing on your Browser.


You can user < Center > tag for good interfere and Enjoyment in your Video. After Include < center > tag your Code Should Look like this.

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