Most outstanding games on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console

xbox gamingThe Xbox 360 is a wonderful gaming system, with lots of games available to play. With so many choices out there, deciding 2-3 games can be such a tough choice. Over the past 8 years, there have been hundreds of game releases for Xbox 360. Some games really managed to blow our minds, while others remained in the shadow. Let’s have a closer look at 5 of the most outstanding games you can play on your 360.

1. The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim

This role playing game from Bethesda Softworks was a hit when it was launched back in 2013. It is an epic adventure game, with an enormous set of possibilities. You play an outcast warrior who wanders through the high-altitude lands of Tamriel. Wonders and threats surround you, and the game invites exploration and discovery. You can customize your warrior with a unique mix of fighting and mystical skills. As you travel through the landscape, completing quests and vanquishing foes, it feels like you are creating your own epic tale.

2. Halo: Reach

Halo is one of the most popular and best-known game series ever. Halo: Reach is created as the final entry in the series, a goodbye to the worlds that were created. This science fiction game takes you to an imaginary universe, and you appear during one of the pivotal battles in that world. Compared to earlier Halo games, the characters now display more personality. The health system is very similar to the original Halo game, but there are new features that keep it fresh, like holographic decoys and jet packs.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

This is the latest entry in another popular series of video games, and it is certainly the richest, grandest game in the series.  Grand Theft Auto V is a crime game that takes you to Los Angeles and the deserts of California. You can go anywhere in the game, and travel where you like by plane, car, bicycle, boat, or even tank. Just head out and see what you find. There are extraordinary sights everywhere, as well as some sort of violent crime. The graphics and game play are impressive. The game has an unusual system with three protagonists, so you have your own ensemble adventure just as you get at Airplane Games 365.

4. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This surprise hit is an unusual game. The two primary characters are brothers, who don’t communicate in any language that you could understand. In spite of that, however, they still manage to convey a good amount of the backstory and context for the game. There are puzzles throughout the game, and one of the oddest features is the control scheme. The Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons mechanics will surely surprise you. The game is relatively short, without excess padding, and although the ending is devastating, the video game will still exceed your expectations.

5.  Assassin’s Creed IV:  Black Flag

This next entry in the Assassin’s Creed series took a major step to differentiate from the others by using a pirate theme. The game has cities that are easier to navigate, and better stealth. The side quests can actually help to make a character more powerful. And one of the best new features is that it adds a naval combat element. The game takes place in the Caribbean, and anybody who’s ever imagined the life of a pirate will enjoy it. Now you, too, can play a swashbuckling pirate – pull up next to a British ship, swing across on a rope to their deck, and start a fight.

Which of the 5 Xbox 360 do you think is the most intriguing?

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