Have you played Threes on iPhone? It turns out the game was made accidentally

“Threes” is one the latest games released for iOS this year. It looks so easy to play, but in fact it’s extremely complex. Asher Vollmer and Greg Wohlwend are the developers of “Threes”, and you may know them because they’re also the makers of some other popular iOS games such “Ridiculous Fishing” “Puzzlejuice” and “Hundreds”. While understanding their most recent “Threes” game is rather simple, mastering it will pose a challenge.

A better understanding of the gameplay

Have you played Threes on iPhone?

Have you played Threes on iPhone?

The concept is simple: all you have to do is combine blocks in order to create constant increasing numbers. As simple as it may appear at first, “Threes” gets difficult with every attempt you make to complete it. The player can only combine numbers that are similar. For example: 3 with 3 to make a 6, 6 with 6 to make a 12 and so on. Each time you slide to mix numbers, extra numbers will appear on the board. The idea is to clear them by mixing them with each other and prevent the board from filling up.

If you’re not being attentive enough, your board will plug, and the game will end when the combinations end. Well-designed, rather simple, but also challenging, “Threes” is the type of game we love playing because it reminds us so much of those classic puzzles we used to play as kids.

“Threes” – one of the smartest, most engaging new games for iOS

“Threes” was launched in February and it immediately drew attention. It mixes the minimalist style of “Spelltower” and “Letterpress” with the compulsive numbering of Sudoku. You’ll love it because it’s extremely intuitive and surprising. The deep puzzle experience will keep you hooked for days, and while the 4-by-4 grid looks simple, rest assured the game has everything it takes to exceed your expectations.

“Threes” – a game made accidentally

According to Asher Vollmer, the 24-year old designer of “Threes”, the game was made accidentally. Together with his friends Greg Wohlwend and Jimmy Hinson, Vollmer came up with the idea one night, on his way back home from work. He stopped by his favorite coffee shop to write a short story, and he became extremely frustrated because he had no inspiration.

He started playing around with the cursor keys of his laptop and realized he could invent a game using those simple tools. A couple of hours later, Asher Vollmer invented “Threes”, a simple iPhone game that landed a safe 4th place in the App Store, at launch, in February.

The controversy and the rip-offs

The creators of “Threes” said in an interview that they don’t want to be part of the rip-off hysteria. The association between “Flappy Bird” and “Threes” was somewhat inevitable. Both games were popular, addictive, and really well-made, so a myriad of imitations started to appear. Everybody began creating rip-offs in the hopes of making some extra money.

Vollmer said that he’s not comfortable with people imitating his game. His intention was to create something people can relate to, something with depth and strategy. “Threes” was meant to be that special games, like Fighting Games 365 are meant. Unfortunately, people took the idea of an addictive gaming experience a bit too far when they started creating knock-offs.

In spite of all his concerns, Vollmer is proud of “Threes” because it’s still great even without the special features some rip-offs currently have. He’s also thinking of releasing a set of updates, expand the game to other mobile platforms, and thus allow everyone to play it. If you haven’t tried “Threes” yet, now it would be the perfect time to give it a go. It will exceed your expectations!

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