Purr-tastic iPad games for your cat

iPad games aren’t just for you and the kids anymore. Now there are games that your cats can enjoy, too. Just watch out, because once your kitty cat gets used to using the iPad, you may have trouble getting it back for yourself. Here are some of the current iPad games to try with your cat.

iPad games

Cat Toys Lite (free)

Instead of buying real life cat toys for your pet to play with, you can save that money, and just let them play with this iPad game instead. They get a little pink mouse that they can chase, pawing it around on the screen. The mouse responds by running around trying to get out of its box, squealing all the while. The cat is sure to love it. Let the fun begin!

Paint for Cats ($1.99)

In this game, your cat gets to combine his mouse chasing skills with his artistic talents. The cat has an assortment of color palettes that he can use, and a mouse helps him to paint the picture. The squeaking mouse runs around the screen, while the cat paws after them, creating the painting.

Friskies Jitter Bug (Free)

This game is made by the pet food company Friskies. It’s another game where cats try to catch an animal running around the screen, but in this one, your kitty is trying to catch bright neon bugs. There is a regular and advanced game, so the cat can develop its bug-catching skills. Pretty exciting don’t you think?

Game for Cats (Free)

This game was featured on Animal Planet, and it is sure to capture your kitty’s attention. In the game, your cat chases butterflies around the screen, and tries to catch mice. You can activate sound in the game, which adds effect, and there are advanced mouse-catching levels. If you have a social cat, he can even share his progress on Twitter and Facebook.

Catch and Paint Games for Cats ($1.99)

The Catch and Paint Games for Cats game has a few different game modes to keep your cat occupied and amused. In the Catch portion of the game, your kitty cat can try to catch a spider, mouse, butterfly, or goldfish. Interactive music goes along with the game, keeping it lively. In the Paint part of the game, your cat can get artistic, swiping different colors across the screen. Lastly, there is a Play portion of the game, where your cat gets to play musical instruments.

Friskies Cat Fishing

This is another game from cat food company Friskies. If your cat enjoys catching fish, she will love this iPad game. The screen shows fish swimming around the screen, and your cat can use her paws to catch the fish. More fish mean more points and a higher score in the game. This can keep a cat occupied for hours. If you’re scared of leaving your kitty alone in the house, this game will drive him crazy.

Catzilla ($1.99)

The name of this game is just hilarious, and we’re betting that Catzilla is super fun for our furry friends. Your pet can battle monsters, deal with enormous jellyfish, take on dragons, and more. They can knock down buildings with their paws, all in an effort to save the city from invading creatures.

Is your cat ready for some iPad game action? The iOS market has been invaded by games for pets, so it’s up to you to decide which ones will fit your furry friend. Choose the most interesting games and keep them occupied for hours like girl get occupied at Make Up Games 365 when they play them. Oh, and don’t forget to take photos during the games to immortalize the hilarious moments.

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