Spring Cleaning Tips For Your PC

Is your computer full of useless files that you don’t need and all the do is to take a lot of your space and slow down your device? As anything else, a computer has to be cleaned too every now and again. And here we are not only talking about hardware cleaning but about the actual cleaning of your computer’s software as well. A good thorough clean up of the computer is essential if you want it to work properly and at full speed. Here are our tips on how to sp
ring clean your entire computer and get it back to performing perfectly.

Clean Up You DesktopSpring Cleaning Tips For Your PC

A spring clean of your computer is not possible without clearing up your desktop. That’s perhaps the first thing you should start with by removing files that are overcrowding your computer’s desktop and making it look messy. That’s a good first step to making your computer more efficient, faster and reliable, in case you use it for work. It’s not absolutely clear whether too many files on the desktop affect the overall speed of your computer but one thing is sure – a computer starts up faster if it doesn’t have to display that many icons. So, clean that up and keep on with the next step.

Check You Firewall

Another thing you should do is to make sure your firewall is working properly. It usually remains active by default but for some reason it might turn off. Check to make sure it’s working and leave it active. You can do this by entering Control Panel → Administrative Tools.

Defrag Your Computer

Fragmentation is a process that makes your hard disk do extra action, which leads to a slow performance De-fragmentation helps disks and drives work faster and more efficiently. To defrag your computer, go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Advanced Tools and run Disc Defrag.

Run Your Antivirus Software

Make sure your antivirus program is active and run it to scan your entire data. Clean up files that might put your computer at risk. It’s recommended to run the antivirus program once a week to guarantee that nothing is missed.

My Documents

Check all the files you have in My Documents folder and delete the once you don’t need anymore. Get rid of things you don’t use, so that you can make more space on your hard disk and thus help your computer work more quickly.

Back Up

Don’t forget to back up. It’s important in order to make sure that files that are important to you are stored in a safe place. Back up files to an external drive. You can also use cloud storage. Don’t risk losing your files if you’re not certain whether your back-up is working or not. It’s better to test it out by clicking the icon of the Time Machine menu. A ‘Verify Backups’ note will appear, which you have to click and allow the system to check the back-up. In case you get a message, saying that a problem has occurred, create a new back-up.

Clean The Hardware

Well, it’s not only the software that may slow your computer down. It’s also all the dust that enters the device and fills it with dust. It’s important to clean your computer and make sure it’s free of dust as much as possible. Dust also traps heat and can damage not only the fast performance but the computer itself. To clean it, don’t forget to turn off the computer and unplug it. To clean the keyboard, which might be full of chip crumbs and anything else, you can use a small computer vacuum device. It works exactly as a vacuum machine and clean very effectively. Then use a special detergent for electronic devices to disinfect the keyboard, mouse, touch pad (in case you are a laptop user) box and screen. If you don’t have the special detergents you could use the services of DeluxeCleaners. There is another good cleaner you can find on the market. It’s a gel cleaner, designed specially for electronic devices and works as you simply place it on the area you want to clean. Its texture allows it to enter hard to access spots and disinfect them. Then you take it with hands and remove it. Simple and clean.

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