The Best Three Smartphones Dominating the Year 2015

There haven’t been a single, perfect smartphone thus far. Some are so close to be the perfect, but none are. It’s really tough to select the perfect handset since there have been major releases in 2015 and most of them are deal makers. So here I’m going spread the word about only 3 handsets which would be probably the most successful smartphones in 2015.

HTC One M9

It caused a bit of stir when it was released to the market first time, because of the striking similarities to M8. Though on the first glance it was a fair opinion, there are some identical differences, and handy upgrades which can be discovered in closer inspections.

The elegant design with dual-tone finish makes the M9 one of the best designed Smartphone in the market. Beside of the Snapdragon 810 processor the 3GB of RAM makes the M9 lightning quick. And the improved audio playback that plays high quality tacks and Boom Sound Speakers which are louder than in any other smartphone make the HTC One M9 a pure class masterpiece. And also M9 comes with a pair of high-quality headphones so the users can properly experience the improved video playback.

Samsung S6 Edge

The updated 64 bit architecture has improved the Galaxy S6 Edge a really fast handset. The improved Super AMOLED HD Screen with dual curved edges is the main iconic appearance in Galaxy S6 Edge’s design. S6 Edge comes with an improved battery capacity of 2600mAH which is slightly better than in Galaxy S6 which is 2550mAh.

Thus far Note 4 has taken the lead in the aspect of camera in the Samsung smartphone lineup, but somehow S6 Edge seems to overtaken the glory by having a super HD 16 Mega Pixels of rear camera. And also for the users whom are obsessed with the secondary or the front camera, it’s a good news that the Samsung S6 Edge comes with a 5 Mega Pixels of front camera which will definitely power up the “Selfie Mania”. Galaxy S6 Edge is quite an elegant smartphone especially for the power users. Out of three smartphones I have mentioned in this article, if you are to buy a smartphone I’d suggest you to buy Galaxy S6 Edge without any second thoughts.

Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is another elegant handset by the smartphone giant Apple. The improved screen size of 4.7 inches and the slick design combined is what makes the iPhone 6 a deal maker. It comes with an 8 MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera. Though these stats are not much viral, the quality of the device remains intact. The iPhone 6 can be considered as somewhat battery friendly. It has 1810mAH of capacity and approximately 14 hours of Talk Time recorded via 3G. Apple Pay and other new iOS features have made the iPhone 6 very much excellent. As usual iPhone 6 costs slightly high than other smartphones in the market, which is priced around $650.

Still there are other handsets like Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 and etc to be included to this list. The reason I have chosen these three is based on the buzz around the tech and smartphone world and the real user opinions.

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