Top 10 Tips for Making your Android Better

Top 10 Tips for Making your Android Better

As it is with other mobile or desktop operating systems, the performance of your Android phone will begin to diminish after you use it for some time. Mobile operating systems are considered to be faster and lighter so that they could easily keep up with your needs to be on the move, yet still have access to everything.

If you find that your phone’s performance is ‘slowing down’ especially after you have been installing tons of new apps, you need to employ some vital tips to make your Android phone work better.

Know About Your Phone

It is imperative that you learn about the drawbacks and capabilities of your device. Do not ever overload your device with resource-hungry apps, which would then going to degrade your device’s performance at your own expense.

Install the best apps

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of available apps. Choose the best ones to improve your productivity such as Dropbox for file sharing, Evernote for organization and Mailwise for email.

Regularly Update Your Android Phone

If you have not updated your Android device to the newest firmware, you must do it right away! Google has been releasing some great improvements to every new release of the Android operating system, which includes updates that make sure that your device offers higher performance, stability, connectivity and speed along with numerous other user-friendly new features. Their latest update is called Lollipop and has the potential to revolutionize your Android experience.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Every single app you install on your Android device acquires some storage space and then runs some background processes. The more storage stage it occupies or the more background processes running on your device, the slower performance you will get from your phone. Do not install apps that you do not make use of. Only keep the apps that you require and if you have got an app that is not really useful, you can disable or uninstall it.

Disable Unwanted Apps

‘Performance assistant’ feature was released with Android ICS to aid you disable apps that you do not require. Disabling apps is different from uninstalling apps, uninstalling or removing application files from the phone but no file is deleted/removed while you disable it. Disabled apps are not shown on your home screen or app tray but you can re-enable them to use whenever you need them.

Update Your Apps

The apps you have installed on your device should be updated regularly. Try getting the updates for your apps while they are made available in the Google Play Store. Developers add new features and fix bugs in new released versions of apps. Updated apps perform faster and better, and are less likely to crash.

Keep A Few Widgets

Widgets are not applications, which simply run once you choose to activate them. Widgets are always running in the background and are active all the time. Though some of the Android users like to keep a track of significant dates, weather and other controls for essential configurations. Having too many widgets running on your home screen will cause your phone’s performance and speed to slow down.

Do Not Have Live Wallpapers

Do not enable the live wallpapers option on your device. They drain the battery rapidly and will acquire more space on the CPU cycles to run.

Avoid Syncing

Synchronization is a great feature which is useful in synchronizing your data with the Google servers. You must keep the sync on, so that you stay updated on the recent activity on every platform. Do not keep the sync interval for short time, as it is going to eat all your android’s performance for other activities.

Turn Off All The Animations

You may have not noticed that your phone screen fades out and in as you switch from one activity to another. Make sure you work on the Window Animation Scale to ‘slow-mo’. As you choose and turn off the animations, the screen simply snaps to position without animation. You can aso turn off the Animation scale in the same manner. If you are a heavy users, you would probably notice that your phone performs a lot faster when all the animations are turned off.

Following the aforementioned suggestions, tweaks and tips will help you make your Android device smoother and faster while in use.

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