Top Android Apps that Make Your Job Organized

Technology has made our lives much easier as the influx of smartphones and tablets brought about a huge transformation in the lives of career men and women. If there is something you can’t leave the home without, it would be a smartphone or a tablet or both. That is how necessary these communication devices are nowadays. With that in mind, here is an assembled collection of the different apps that can make you a superstar in the workplace.

Audio Memos – At a price of $.99, your smartphone can turn into a high-end audio recorder which allows you to take recording of meetings, instant conversations with your boss or on-the-spot interview with a VIP. Save all your recordings and send them to your Dropbox or email. Do away with jotting down notes using pen and paper; switch to Audio Memos and every important detail is stored in your device.

Evernote – Evernote is a free app that allows you to take down notes and more. Apart from note-taking, you can take audio notes, store images, clip web pages and then share the files with other co-workers through their devices. Evernote is considered a must-have app. Once you have this in your device, you can no longer live without it.

CloudOn – The CloudOn is a free app that allows you to run Microsoft Office on your Android phone or tablet. Everybody in the workplace uses Microsoft Office. Whether in the office, restaurant or coffee shop you can easily write a memo, make a chart or create a formula without using your laptop. The best thing is that you can maneuver every piece of work using the touch interface.

HootSuite – HootSuite is a free app that promotes a more organized manner of applying social media in your job. This app allows you to manage all your accounts such as LinkedIn, Foursquare Facebook, Twitter and others. All these function simultaneously at one time.

Bizzabo – Bizzabo is a free app that helps you manage your business contacts during a business conference or meeting. By using Bizzabo in your device, you can easily discover important people in your contact list. Thus, it would also be easy to connect with these people through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks.

Yammer – Yammer is a fee app that operates as a group chat. Apart from being able to chat with your team members, you can easily share files, photos and other documents that need to be shared within the team. Also, projects can be tracked easily. Yammer exhibits some add-on apps that help a team improve on their quality of work and be able to achieve productivity in the process of accomplishing projects.

Mileage Tracker – Mileage Tracker is a helpful app which you need to purchase at a price of $2.99. This app perfectly matches with a smartphone as it does everything for you. It can calculate gasoline expense as well as track mileage by utilizing the GPS. Mileage Tracker also works as a reminder to your appointments and business itinerary. Liquidating your travel expense is all done by this app. Hence, it lessens the things you need to accomplish for the day at keeps your work schedule organized.

TripIt – TripIt is a free app that organizes all the details of your business trip. Arranging a business travel can be a tedious process especially if you are running out of time. By using the TripIt app, all details such as hotel reservation, airport car rental service, flight booking are all presented in one clean agenda. In here, you can also add notes, locate restaurants within your area and share your trip plans with colleagues. All you need to do is pack your things and fly.

There are tons of apps available in the market today and all these contribute to the productivity and efficiency of every worker. While apps are there for free, grab the opportunity to be equipped completely. Before you know it, a higher position is already waiting for you.

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