Superpages brings local search to U.S on Windows Phone and Windows 8

Need some official apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 to find local business and services? Then you’ll want to grab Superpages for your smartphone, tablet and PC. The app focuses on local search for those living in the United States. It’s a good way to find services like local veterinarians and more. Let’s check out what Superpages Local Search offers for Windows Phone and Windows 8 users.


Both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 app are identical in function. Here’s what you can do with Superpages

  • Search through 200+ popular local business categories, quickly and easily.
  • Call or map any business with just a single tap.
  • Find people by name, city & state, or telephone reverse lookup.
  • “Urgent” category for quick access to important searches and seasonal info.
  • Select frequently searched categories from your personalized favorites.
  • Save people and business contact info directly within the app

With Superpages you also get money-saving offers from local restaurants, boutiques, repair shops and more. We like the idea of Superpages and the app isn’t that bad. The only issues we had was sluggish performance with the scroll wheel on the home page for both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 version of the app.

Other than that Superpages serves up local results and more in a nice interface. We’ll still probably stick using Local Scout natively on our phones, but the option is nice to have.

Superpages is free and available for download from the Windows Phone Store or the Windows Store.

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