5 Best Washing Machines below 20000 Rupees in India

If you are looking for a new washing machine, then this is one of the most popular price segment in which most appliance giants put the greatest effort in. All the below models have been recommended as the best ones in this price range of under 20000 rupees. This article is a guide for you to choose the budget washing machine you are looking for and we give you multiple options for the same.

LG F8091NDL2 6kg

Price: Rs. 20,000


This front loading washing machine model from LG is available in the market at the range of Rs. 20,000. With a 6 kg capacity and a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm, this machine is effective and marks to be the costliest washing machine in this list of 5 best washing machines under Rs. 20,000. With multiple washing options including spin only and spin & rinse, there are 30 washing programs in this unit from LG. Weighing 65 kg, LG sells the machine to its customers with a two-year machine warranty and a ten-year motor warranty.

Panasonic NA-855MC1W01 5.5 kg

Price: Rs. 19,490


Similar to the LG machine mentioned above, this unit from Panasonic is also front loading and comes out with similar warranties as that from LG. Even though almost at the same price category of the above-mentioned device, this unit has a capacity of 5.5 kg, 0.5 kg lesser which will not make a massive difference while using.

Kelvinator KF6091WH-GWG 6 kg

Price: Rs. 18,990


Apart from the fact that this machine uses tumble wash as the washing method; the machine has all the features and capacities of the LG washing machine mentioned above. Eight wash programs are available in the Kelvinator machine, and it is much lighter considering it weighs only 54 kg. Warranty period remains the same with a ten-year motor warranty and a two-year machine warranty.

Haier HW55-1010 5.5 kg

Price: Rs. 16,490


This washing machine from Haier has a capacity of 5.5 kg but comes out with a maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm. Warranty given by Haier is lesser than the others in the market as it offers only a five-year motor warranty along with the 2-year machine warranty. With nine wash programs, this is an affordable washing machine in this price sector with great features.

Electrolux EF60ERWH 6 kg

Price: Rs. 16,490


This model washing machine from Electrolux is not everyone’s cup of tea mainly because it comes out with just a flat 2-year warranty which is not optimal for long-term appliances like washing machines. All other features offered matches the other washing machines mentioned in the list with even a 6.0 kg capacity at this price point. The fact that the machine has no washing programs is also to be kept in mind because all the other washing machines mentioned till now had multiple washing programs as standard.

Source: Best Washing Machines under 20000 (Review Station)

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