5 Ways to Get More Clients For Your Law Firm

If you plan to set up a law firm, one of the biggest challenges you will face will be growing your client base. In fact, you can be very skilled as a lawyer, but if you fail at marketing your service properly, then you will never attract a large number of clients. Below, we list five tips you can use to get more clients for your law firm.

Blogging Knowledge Base

Create and maintain a blog where you discuss legal topics that deal with the services you provide. And as far as possible, focus on local issues. Use case examples of the specific region that you wish to develop your client base. For example, if you are a divorce attorney offering services in California, then write about divorce topics while using examples from California. Give the readers some basic tips about divorce, and then pick a few of their questions and provide satisfactory answers to them. Over time, your blog will develop a good enough reputation among the people living in California. And when they are in a situation where the help of a divorce attorney is required, they are likely to consult you since they have already been influenced and impressed by the knowledge you have shared through the blogs.

Digital Marketing

In addition to blogging, make sure that you do a good amount of digital marketing. This includes using AdSense and other PPC campaigns to target your market and advertise your services. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer from Texas, then you can create adverts that target people living in Texas alone. So, when anyone from Texas is injured in an accident and searches Google for a personal injury lawyer, they will see your advert. And if you have created the advertisement in an interesting way that makes the user click the link and visit your website, you can be sure of getting numerous leads by using AdSense and PPC marketing alone. Plus, visit this Digital Logic webpage for an overview of the various digital marketing strategies you can use to attract clients.

Active Social Media Engagement

Be very active in social media. This can have a huge impact on your popularity since social media platform is very viral by nature. For example, suppose that a person has shared a post lamenting how they are going to lose 50% of their wealth in a divorce that will take place soon. Maybe the post has gone viral and reached out to thousands of people as a result. You can use this opportunity to market your service in a very covert way. Comment on the post, discussing how the person can avoid having to pay such a large divorce settlement. And when the person replies to your comment with further doubts, make sure that you reply to them with clarifications. This technique has two benefits. Firstly, the person who posted it might become impressed and subsequently become your client. But this is only a minor benefit. The biggest benefit you will reap is when the thousands of people who will see the post will also see your comment thread and read through it. They might also visit your law firm’s profile page and follow it. And when they need any legal help with divorce, you stand a good chance of being contacted by them.


An easy way to get more clients is by asking your existing clients to refer you when any of their friends or family members needs legal advice. Make sure that do get this message across in a subtle manner to your clients. For example, once a case has been successfully concluded, you can hand your client a few business cards. And when they come across any friend or relative who needs legal help, they can forward the card to such people. However, make sure that you don’t push yourself in front of your client when asking for referrals. This can disturb them since people generally don’t like to be forced to do anything. Just subtly hint at referring you, and most of the clients will happily give your phone number to anyone who requires a lawyer.

Build Public Image

You should also build up your public image so that you become a relatively well-known figure in the region. One way to do this will be to participate in events and seminars which are related to your area. Another way will be to write guest posts in local newspapers. When the thousands of people who read the newspaper come across your column and are impressed by the advice you provide, they are more likely to consult you when faced with any legal issues.

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